Thursday 1 November 2018

Winter Has Begun

Winter has begun here in our part of the world.  
The snow has come and it's cold enough to stay.  

We got one big dump (well for us in a semi arid area). :)  I know it's laughable to some. 
From then we have had lovely snow flurries. 
The big fluffy snowflakes wandering aimlessly down.  
A very quieting time watching them. 

Our dog loves to play with the squirrels.  They are all very used to her...and know she won't hurt them.  Sophie doesn't bite them, but sometimes she does catch them and then let them go. 
In the above picture you can see the squirrel under the tree in it's stash watching Sophie who is eyeing him to. 

We have put out our feeders as the bears have hopefully, gone to sleep for the winter.  
We call them the feeders as the birds and squirrels both use them.  
We at this  point have the resident squirrels, grey jays, and chickadees around.  
I hope the pine grosbeaks and red poles come back. 
We have a mealworm farm for our leopard gecko, and when we have too many worms we give them to the birds as well. 
We don't have feeders in the summer due to the bears that are around.  We share our area with about 6-8 bears depending on the season.  We don't want to encourage them to hang around our yard.  
Walking through is ok, but visiting isn't. 

As the weather gets colder and colder, I am enjoying crocheting more.  
I am working on a new shawl made with wool that is from Carstairs, Alberta.  
It's really nice wool.  It will be nice and warm.  
I'll share the finished shawl and pattern later.

Many  look at winter with sadness, but I love winter to.  It's a time when you can do things that are different like snowshoeing, skating, sliding, sparklers....and so much more.  Here with the winter comes lots of darkness. It's hard at times, but it's wonderful to now see the stars and moon that are not visible through the long Yukon summer light.  I always look forward to the northern lights.  
I was blessed to get a new pair of snow pants this year so being outside will be more comfortable. 

Every season has it's blessings and beauty. 

Love and Prayers,


Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Hello Jennifer! I too enjoy the season of winter! It is a time of rest and catching up on indoor projects and lots of fun outdoor things too, as you mentioned, like skiing! I love to cross-country ski, and I am very much looking forward to doing that soon! We have not gotten any snow here yet, probably next week it will come. I enjoyed the picture of your Sophie watching the squirrels! Our dogs interact a lot with the squirrels as well. Your shawl is a lovely shade of blue, and the wool sounds very warm, it will be lovely to have around your shoulders through the winter months! Always a joy to drop in for a visit with you! Blessings and hugs :)

Sarah said...


The snow looks so pretty! We are once again enjoying a variety of birds visiting our feeder. We took our feeder down during the summer months due to a racoon. He would wake us up in the night by crashing our feeder from the tree to the ground. It must be fun to see bears, but I suspect they must have a very hearty appetite! Keeping them fed on birdseed would be expensive. : )

Your crocheting is lovely. I really like that soft shade of blue you are using.

May you have a blessed day!


Christine said...

Sophie is adorable... and a very kind dog! I had to chuckle when you said she lets the squirrels go. Good for her.
And another blue, fun, creation from you! Perfect for your cold winters.

mamasmercantile said...

A perfect picture of Winter and all its cosiness.

fiona said...

I just love the picture of Sophie amongst the trees it could be
from any era.

Snow when new and fresh is something to behold.

Take Care x