Monday 6 August 2018

Homemaking Mondays: Let Them Do What You Do

Welcome to Homemaking Monday! 

Today I'd like to share with you about homemaking with children.
Cleaning and keeping the home are big things that need to happen in our homes.  
Now children do add another element to this task, but it need not be an issue to bring about discouragement.  It can indeed be a joy!

Sometimes it's nice to just clean on our own.  Sometimes it's nice to delegate some of the tasks to older children.  But really, it is quite nice to work alongside our children.  Quality time doesn't need to be "fun" time, or some special occasion.  Sometimes the best conversations I have with my children, happen when we are working together.  You can laugh, cry, pour out your  hearts, pray, and sing as you spend time working together.  

Some say that I don't know what I'm talking about...but, I do.  I have four children and have done this all along.  Let them join you in this blessed role of homemaking!  Let them learn as they not only watch you, hear you explain things,  but practice for themselves these skills. 
 Just let them do what you do!

The Bible says we are to train our children.

- Proverbs 22: 6

This is an active doesn't start in starts at birth.  
We are always teachers as mothers and homemakers.  Now spiritually of course this is very important to teach them of the Lord and His word!  It is also great wisdom for just the basics of living.

Talk to the babies as you do things, explain to them what you are doing and why.  
Bring them along to where you are working, let them watch.
Of course they'll not totally understand what you say, but make it a practice from the beginning to include them in what you do.  
Then as they get older, they'll not only want to help you, but love being included.  They also love to be able to contribute and feel needed in the home. 

Start with little jobs.  Picking up toys, putting shoes on the mat as they come in the house, putting dirty laundry in the hamper.  All basic things.  But don't stop there!  
Give them a little broom as you sweep with the big one.  
Give them rags to wipe off cupboards and chairs as you do the counters and table.  
Believe it or not... they think it's very fun! :) 

As they grow, they not only will learn the skills of cleaning and homemaking, 
but they will also see the value in it.  

Now does this always mean your house will be showroom quality? But you should always be making a concerted effort to keep a nice home.    It'll be taking steps to not only do the tasks that need to be done (cleaning, laundry, tidying, cooking, etc.) but to also teach the children...train them to  do these tasks as well.  Don't fall into the "I'm doing something more important by just hanging out with my kids instead of cleaning"  lie.  Let your children join you in this joyous task of homemaking...let them know that they are apart of it, not just mess makers.  

If it were for a secular would  have training to know how to accomplish the tasks of that position, same is with homemaking.  You need to work alongside them and show them and teach them so that they will one day be competent.  Both boys and girls need these life skills.  Young women who are learning to be homemakers will need to make a greater effort to master these. 

- Colossians 3:22-23
We are servants in our homes, we need to do all that we do for the Lord.  As we go about all our everyday tasks, including our children we will be showing them how to do all things as unto the Lord.  Make the learning process meaningful by including them, not just talking at them.  

So look at cleaning, and all your homemaking tasks with your children as blessed opportunities to share with them your knowledge.  To share your time together.  To share with them the joy of serving their families, and honour God in their homes. 

Love and Prayers,

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Creations By Cindy said...

Great post Jennifer. Yes, teaching our children to take responsibility and be helpers is very important. I think one of the problems with the generation being raised now is children are not made or expected to be helpers in the home or have chores. I could probably write a book on this one. LOL! As a grandparent I try to encourage my grands to be helpers and to teach them to do it lovingly even if it may be something we don't exactly care to do. I praise the Lord that my daughter's are teaching these values at home as well. Hugs and blessings to you.