Monday 22 January 2018

What's the Temperature Shawl?

Hello!  Today I have a wonderful new project to share with you that I've embarked on.  
A sweet friend of mine introduced me to the Temperature Shawl by Fiber Flux.  

It is where you crochet one row for every week of the year.
For each colour it stands for a range of temperature. 
SO the average temp for the week shows you what colour to crochet. 
You can check out their directions HERE! 

It uses a 6mm hook and a double crochet V stitch. 

It is suggested to use the Red Heart Super Saver yarn as there are no dye lots.  
I looked for as many of the colours that our Walmart had of the super saver, then substituted Bernat Premium for the colours I couldn't find in the other.  

I was SO very excited to buy so much yarn all at once....I couldn't just start with a couple colours.  
The array of colour is very inspiring!  
I still need a couple reds...but we shall see if we even get up that warm here in the Yukon. :)  

I tucked the first few colours into a basket and as the seasons and temperatures change, I'll switch them out.  The rest are stashed in the bottom of my hutch with my other yarn. 
I love having a fun out of the way place to put my yarn.

Fiber Flux had a wonderful colour scheme, but with transitioning it to Celsius my sweet friend found this chart that is much easier for me to follow along with.  It has a couple more categories, and an orange...which I am happy to include.  

On the back of my printed off chart I have started to write down the averages in temperature so that I can keep a written record of the temps as well.  

This site Time and Date dot Com  is where I'm getting my temperatures from.  
You can punch in where ever you are at and find out the info you need. 

It is very fun to start on a project like this, that is so colourful, and isn't a heavy work load.  
Just once a week for a few minutes. 
Now who can't manage that? 

Thank you for dropping by, and perhaps you'll want to try this project out for yourself. 
It could be made smaller for a scarf or larger for a blanket as well. 

Praying you have a wonderful day! 


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

What a FUN idea!! Who thinks of these things??? Yikes, do they have a color for -17 lol?? I'm guessing you may not have much of the reds in there when you're finished but for your sake, I hope you DO!

mamasmercantile said...

What an amazing project, such fun. I can't imagine I would get much colour into one if I did it.

Sarah said...

This is such a fun idea! I will be curious to see your completed shawl at the end of the year. The yarns look so pretty in your basket. : )

Danielle Dunn said...

Hope you have fun with it. :)