Saturday 30 April 2016

A Play Computer

Hello Friends! Today I have a quick post I'd like to share with you.  My boys love computers and pretending to use them when they're not on ours. :)  So my husband took this old IMac that we found at the dump and gutted it of all it's components. We tied a weight on to it so that it would adjust properly like a "real" one.  Then we took the cover of a spreadsheet book we found at the dump also, cut the binding off and overlapped it over the opening.  Adhered it with crafting tape.  It fit perfectly into the rounded edges of where the previous screen had been.  (the previous screen was smashed to bits so was removed also) 

So now the boys have a play computer that looks like a real one.  The keyboard and mouse that they have with it came from the dump free store also. :)  So a cheep fun toy for the kids. :)

This last pic shows better the overlap that was made.

Thanks for dropping by!  May you have a blessed day!

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Danielle Dunn said...

lol it's pretty cool. ;)