Thursday 26 January 2012

Spring Hug

Here is a spring hug from me! I splurged and bought a pot of iris bulbs at the Superstore. They are such a lovely spot of colour in all this white we are having here in the Yukon. Spring is a few months! LOL Here are some closer pics of these lovely Iris.

Thanks for dropping by! Hugs!


Jennifer Scull said...

these are some of my fave flowers! what a beautiful spot of spring to brighten our day. :)

Grandma Bonnie said...

I can just about smell them...i always purchase primroses in the spring...sure wish they'd grow in the garden for me.

Papercrafting Beach Bum said...

Gasp! What a beautiful blog post, lol. Thanks for the hugs and the beautiful pics of the blooms. When I go stay in England, I purchase a pot of flowers and leave them with my hosts when I'm gone. While I'm there, though, I'm the one who enjoys the most the bright, beautiful colors and taking care of the sweet plants.