Monday, 14 August 2017

Yum Pickles!

Hello! I hope you are having a great day!  

With the last of summer comes some canning here in my house.  We made some pickles to add to the pantry.  We made some sweet pickles and some dill pickles.  

For the sweet pickles we cut up nice little slices.  

I couldn't grow enough cucumbers in my garden this year for pickling, and the Lord provided some for us through the grocery store.  They rarely have pickling cucumbers and this week as I walked into the produce section there they were sitting on a cart.  We are friends with one of the produce men and he helped us by opening up boxes and helping us to select some of the best ones.  SO very thoughtful he was.  

We also cut some cucumbers up into spears for the dill pickles.  The cucumbers were way to big to pickle whole.  

We bought some fresh dill. Then added sprigs of dill and some garlic cloves to the jars before adding the cucumbers and brine.  

I've also learned to make the brine for the pickles... thanks to my parents.   It is wonderful to learn these kinds of skills from your parents, or grandparents....passing down the information.  

My favourite are the sweet pickles!  

My daughter's favourite are the dill so we made lots of each.  

Do you like pickles?  Have you made your own?  Do you use a family recipe?

A wonderful addition to the pantry that will make us smile in the winter.  

Thank you for taking the time to drop by! Praying you have a blessed day!

Late Summer Flowers

Hello! I'd like to share with you some of my late summer flowers.  It's wonderful to just take time to notice the details of each one, and marvel at the variety that God has created.  

Above is a beautiful Malva.  The plants have just erupted into bloom and the colour is just stunning! 

My garden is growing nicely, the potatoes are winding down a bit, and the peas are covered in flowers and tiny peas!!!  They taste good, but I'm trying to leave more to grow bigger. :)  

My delphiniums all opened up while I was gone on our trip.  It was a beautiful sight to come home to!  I am blessed with having a nice variety of colours in my delphinium patch.  

They are so big and beautiful this year, and the bees are visiting regularly.

My first snap dragon opened and it's such a lovely shade of pink! 

My shelling peas have all come into bloom now and I'm glad to see them coming along as the signs of fall are starting to show.  

Not sure what flower this is, but it's a perennial and I just adore the tall purple stalks.  A cheerful bit of colour in amongst the grasses. 

The fireweed is still pretty, although much of the patches of it are finished up.  Sadly they were in their best bloom while we were gone.  We all know that once the fireweed is done flowering that fall is upon us.  The summers are short lived in the Yukon. 

I am also blessed with having a poppy that came along with some raspberry canes. :)  A lovely splash of colour to encourage the bees to visit. 

As you can see the blooms are quite far up the stalks of the fireweed...just a bit more to enjoy. 

I missed making fireweed jelly this year...well a project to put on the list for next year. 

I have some cosmos blooming away and they are so fun.  I really think that next year I'll plant a bunch more. 

Then our Dock plant is huge this year, and the red fruit on it has laden it down.  You can use it for dying, but I don't think I'll use it.  I think it's just pretty to have next to the tree up close to the house.  

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you are enjoying some wonderful flowers and taking some time to slow down and notice the little details of them all. 

A Summer Trip

Hello!  My family has just come home from a road trip to see some family.  We loved the drive, through the mountains, over rivers and by lakes.  The sky always changing and the gorgeous clouds that the Lord decorated the sky with.  

It was a lot of hours, and our dog seemed quite content to sleep many of them away on her bed between my girls. 

The sun sets always captured my heart.  I love how the light changes, and the colours deepen and then soften. 

We were blessed with many great little places to rest along the way.

The beautiful Alberta fields were full of colour, and just stunning set against the blue sky and fluffy clouds.  I wouldn't eat canola, but it sure is pretty! 

Lots of old barns and buildings dotted the landscape.  Makes me think back to when they were in full use, what it would have been like.  I like the stories they tell.

The cousins all had some fun blowing bubbles and discovering them nestled in the grass. 

We also spent lots of time around the train tracks and watching them go by. We don't have the same working trains where we live and it was fascinating for us all to listen to the horns (although not in the middle of the night) and to hear the rumble of the cars as they passed. 

Great balancing activity as we walked along the rails.  Or jumped from rail tie to rail tie. 

Along the road were a few areas where forest fires had come through.  SO many acres of burnt trees, but it's so nice to see the lush green coming up from around the charred remains. 

I love this picture my daughter took from the inside of an old building.

A highlight of our trip was that I could meet my niece for the first time in person.  She is such a delightful happy little girl.  Here I'm twirling her around in the grass.  Her sweet giggles melt my heart! 

It was a treasure to be able to spend some time with family that live far away.  💗

We got to be there when a couple big thunderstorms rolled though, and we could watch the lightening and hear the thunder.  We don't get many of these storms where we live, and we all enjoy them. 

Evening trip to the tracks.  Loved the sunsets and the gentle stillness of the evening spent this way.

We saw lots of wildlife on our trip.  These were cinnamon black bears and you can see two cubs in the grass...another was close by climbing up a tree. 

We saw lots of bison some alone and some with herds.  Mountain sheep and porcupine.  

I loved the winding roads through the mountains.  Some places where there were steep drops and glorious mountain vista views.  Interesting to see how the mountains changed from rolling to sharp rock peaks. The trees changing to from tiny up in the alpine to tall and lush in the valleys.  

Wonderful lakes with docks to walk out on.  No swimming time on this trip, but I do love to just stand on docks and feel the water rolling around underneath.  

There was time for raspberry picking and making some jam.  Oh how I love these berries.  I've planted some raspberry canes in our yard, and there are just a handful of berries from them this year.  Next year should be much more bountiful.  

More prairie sunsets.  Love the scope and breadth of the sunsets here!  The layers of coloured clouds was breathtaking!  

It was a wonderful time away, but it's always sweet to come to back to the familiar haven of home.

Now it's back to caring for the home and garden again.  The garden grew so much while we were gone and there is much to do to get it ready for our rapidly approaching fall.  

I pray that you have all had a wonderful day and that you are still enjoying the wonderful summertime!  

Monday, 24 July 2017

Flowers for the Bees

Hello!  Today I'd love to share with you about some of the flowers in my yard.  Every year I say that I won't plant so many, and then I can't resist all the colour and the smells.   

This first flower is a special one.  A beekeeper in my neighbourhood gave me some seeds to plant some flowers for the bees.  My Malva isn't flowering just yet, but the phacelia has just started to open it's blossoms this week.  

It smells just amazing and the bees have now discovered them and are enjoying them.  
They are so delicate and lacy, and the blossoms open as the spiral unfurles. Like a special flowering fern. 

Then there are the wild roses that the Lord has provided, and the scent of them drifts around the yard on the gentle breezes. 

The wild fireweed is flowering in our yard now, and they are all a hum with the sound of bees...mostly the big bumble bees. 

There are roses that line a good portion of the walking trail we have around our yard.  

Our fireweed forest as we call it, is just getting started.  They grow so prolifically in the yard that we actually have to prune them back. Well, after all; they are a weed.  

I bought this lobelia on a whim and I'm so glad.  The bees are ever coming to check out the flowers here.  

I moved up some flowers to the one deck we have, and the bees love it here.  I hope that the bee balm flowers this year to, and joins in nursing the local bees.  

I have lots more flowers that I could post...the colours capture my heart in the summer, and I'm so ever grateful to the Lord for blessing me with them!  

Do you have special flowers for the bees?  I love bees in the garden, like a special part of it's eco system.  Benefiting the growing vegetables, and causing hours of splendid entertainment to the kids as they fly from flower to flower.  

I hope you are enjoying your summer! Thanks for dropping by!