Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Time to Refresh

Hello!  This past little while I've been feeling the need to refresh my crafty cubby/ sewing area. 
It had become cluttered and uninviting.  Not to mention not that nice to look at since it is in one of the main areas of the house.  

So as of late, the process has begun.  
I had a sweet little shelf that I had used for the farmer's market to display jam...but no where to store it. SO, I took a hoop organizer off the one non-marking hook, and this fit on perfectly and securely.  

Then it was time to find things to put up there.  It didn't take long as I actually had lots of things piled up on the sewing desk that needed homes.  

I had these fun spools of burlap ribbon and lace.  
A fun wooden friends sign,
and some fun spools of twine. 

Here is a picture of the hook.  

Above the spools I added my little button jars that are somewhat organized as to colour.  The middle which is really reflective is filled with metal, silver, and black buttons.  
I also had one little doily that needed a home. 

On top I added a sweet lavender box that was a gift from a sweet lady.  It's full of fun ribbons.
Then some more spools of lace, and a big clothes pin that I found at the free store! 

Now those items have a home.  
Next was to find homes for the hoop organizers.  I bought some more of the non marking hangers and  hung them off set behind the sewing machine and sewing baskets. 

It's so nice to have these kinds of things on hand when in the middle of a project. 

Now the desk is cleared.  My sewing machine is finally finish the one quilt that I've been wanting to finish for quite some time now.  

I cleaned out the drawers, and the sewing baskets so they are all tidy again.

I pulled this board organizer off the wall, and needed to re-do the backing as the old tape was coming off.  I use some extra double backed tape from putting plastic on the windows. :)  

I took off all the extra cards that had been on there for a long time and put them in my keepsake box.  
All but one.  It's a sweet card with mice and strawberries.  It was given me by a couple of dear friends when we moved who passed away since then. 

A scripture verse: 

Matthew 6:33
 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; 
and all these things shall be added unto you."

It's so easy to at times get caught up in the world of creating and forget for what purpose we ought to be doing things.  
A good verse for me to remember what is most important. 
To have a purpose behind the things I create, and not just to be there in that spot for no reason. 
To create cards for specific people for their encouragement and correspondence. 
To sew things that are needed for others, or for mending clothes for my dear family.  

Do you know where you're going?  I have had this pin for so many years, I don't remember where it came from.  It has often caused me to think about the direction my life has been going.  

Are my eyes on the Lord?  Am I seeking to glorify Him in all that I say and do?  

Now that my crafty spot is cleaned up,  I can be more efficient with my time.  
Plus all the others that use this my daughter who jumped in as soon as it was cleared! 
Just in time for her need to create something.  

Thank you so much for dropping by!  Praying you have a blessed day.

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A Winter's Day

A Winter's Day!

Sometimes one just has to go for a walk on a winter's day.  
The soft light of the lowering sun, the glitter of snow diamonds all around and the sound of the gurgling river draw you out to adventure.  

My boys leading the way down to the river from our place. 
The girls and our dog Sophie following after. 

The river is slowly freezing, adding layer upon layer of overflow as it extends up and over the banks in places.  The beautiful green colour vibrant against the white snow and dark green of the evergreens. 

With the overflow come beautiful little bits of frost over the slushy parts.

Beautiful ripples have formed and decorate the iced over parts where the snow has yet to fall. 

I love the frost that covered much of the vegetation around the rivers edge as the moisture rising causes fog and frost to gather. 
Kind of like little fluffy coats. 

I love all the patterns the frost makes, and the wonderful little delicate crystals that God has created!  
What an amazing God he is to create so many details for us to enjoy! 
Many say this is just science..but oh no!  This does not come about just by chance.  
There is a creator, and I praise Him for His wondrous works! 

Thank you for dropping by!  Perhaps you will also go on a winter's walk on a cold winter's day.  
Enjoy the details and take a moment to thank the Lord for His goodness!

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Love to Organize!

Hello!  Do  you love to organize?  I do!  

A dear friend of mine knows that and so she gifted me with some lovely organizing things.  
Above is a wonderful tool organizer for crochet and knitting...but could be used for many other things. Below you can see how I've added my "tools" to it.  I love that they are all in the same place. 
Well all but my very long knitting needles. Of which I don't use that much.  
Plus the material is so bright and cheerful!  Makes one want to create when they look at it. 

Then also a whole set of crochet needles in their own little case!  
Perfect for tucking in a bag to go somewhere. 
Just even around the house as my projects travel with me all over. 

Then there were these little cosmetics bags.  I have  allotted one to hold these precious shells from the ocean.  It would be a dream to go to the ocean again someday.  I have been to the Pacific Ocean once, and the Atlantic ocean once.  Both times in my childhood.  
I love the selection of colours shapes and sizes of the shells.  Fun to pull out and meander through.  

Do you have fun ways to organize your things?  
Do share! 

Thank you for dropping by!  I hope you have a wonderful day. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Delightful Tea Cup Exchange

Hello!  Today I have some lovely things to share with you.  

Stephanie over at The Enchanting Rose has organized a delightful Tea Cup Exchange of which I  participated in for the second time.  

You get to send a fun package to someone you've never met before, and then receive a package from someone else that you've never met before.  
It's a nice way too meet new people!

Above is a picture of the things I included in the package that I sent to a lady in Prince Edward Island.  
Linda Shurki has a lovely blog:  Tintenfleck Studio

Above is a picture of the tea cup I found for Linda, and below is the back of the one foil package.  
It's actually a postcard full of tea.  

I made her a card to go along with her package and tried to find colours/papers to match her tea cup. 

Now I received a delightful package from a Susan Houle who is from Alberta.
She loves the winter holiday and put together a package with that theme. 
I don't observe christmas, but do enjoy winter!  

This tea cup she sent me is an old one, that has a few signs of being used.  I love that...something that has a history behind it. 
It is a Queen Anne bone china tea cup/ saucer from England.
It has a wonderful shape to the top of the tea cup and is nice to drink from!  

She sent along a couple hot chocolate packages! So nice to try flavours I've never had before. 

She sent this cute little pouch filled with a box of ice wine tea.  
Never have had that either. 

Then there is this beautiful fun tea towel.  
I have it hanging in my kitchen now for only use with my tea cups. 

Here is a picture of it all laid out with all the delightful teapots and teacups on it. 

OH, and not to be forgotten, this package of blueberry tea.  
I've never had this one before either and it's delicious!  

Thank you for dropping by!  I pray you have a lovely day and perhaps some time to enjoy dropping by a few more places on the link up reveal you can find at: 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Friends Warm The Heart

Hello!  Today I'd love to share with you a sweet little tea set that a very dear friend gave to me.   

Friendship is one of the most precious gifts from the Lord Jesus.  
Whether you are far away from each other or right next door, these relationships bring something special and "warming" to our hearts. 

This sweet tea pot has a well for tea and it fits a lot so that you can keep adding hot water for many cups of tea!  Or if you just like yours super strong.

I love the floral top to the tea pot! 

Here is a shot of the first tea that I put in the well.  Organic peppermint leaves and dried chamomile flowers from my garden. 

A nice gentle soothing tea.

For isn't friendship like that.  A safe place where we can be ourselves and just relax in each other's company.  To laugh, or cry, or just share our lives together.

Here is a shot of the set before I started to enjoy my fresh steeped tea.
I love the reflection of the lace curtain in the tea.  

When I think of friends, these verses come to mind.

In it all the Lord Jesus is the closest friend that we could ever have.  

What a great treasure it is when the Lord brings people into our lives that we can have true deep friendships with.  

For the friends in my life I am blessed! God is good! 

Thank you for dropping by! 
Praying the Lord has blessed you with true dear friends.

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Friday, 20 October 2017

Twill You Crochet With Me?

Hello!  Do you love to crochet? Do you love twill yarn?  I was given some of the lighter twill yarn, and thought it would make a lovely blanket with some darker brown twill.  

I started with the yarn in the above picture and then needed a couple more of the dark brown as I went along.  

The fun part of this blanket is that the yarn names are chocolate chip and oatmeal.  Makes it sound yummy doesn't it?  

I went looking through the many patterns that are out there, and I settled on doing a granny ripple stitch.  It's so easy and here is the free pattern: Country Fair Chevron Crochet Pattern

The blanket ended up being about 5 foot by 5 foot.  
It is now on my son's bed and he loves it! 

Now my other son has asked for a blanket just like this but all in camouflage.  So when we were at the store this week, (and yes I always look at the yarn) he pulled out the last five balls they had and plopped them in the cart.  Then said...please?  I couldn't say no.  

I am delighted that they enjoy and desire to have homemade things.  

Thank you for dropping by! Praying you have a wonderful day!

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Simple Things At Home

Hello!  Do you enjoy the simple things at home?  
I do.

This week it snowed for the first time and even after three days, we still have some out there!  Just another sign that winter is going to come to stay soon.

The joy and brightness the fresh snow brings is incredible!  
We all watched in awe as the big fluffy flakes descended.  

While inside, we enjoy the fresh potted mum I bought for myself at the grocery store.  
For just $7 it will enjoyed for a long time.

We are also enjoying crocheting in the warm of our home.  My son made the "blanket" above for his stuffed moose.  He is learning and is doing very well with his tension. He is 8.  He still needs to work on the ends. :)  He's so keen it's fun to have him pull up his crochet basket next to me, turn to me; smile, then say lets do this together.  Oh my heart bursts!  

I have also added some new lace curtains to our place as the window sucks out so much light at night.  Now the light is reflected nicely back inside and brightens that corner of the house.  

My husband also found this little green lamp in the corner for me at the free store.  Now that corner is nice and bright for those who sit there reading during Bible time.  

The african violets are also blooming beautifully at the moment and add a nice cheerful burst of colour in the living room....and at my desk below. 

It is wonderful how the simple things in our home make it cozy and inviting.  The goal is not being too busy to notice and take it all in.  The Lord is so good in the details of our homes.  It's an honour to help create these environments for our families, we need to remember to enjoy it as well.  

Today after canning 25 jars of applesauce with my daughter (who did some of it all by herself) we were tired.  I retreated to my room and as I took my crocheting out, here came my children one by one.  Seeking company and the coziness of my "new" bed!  
My husband just purchased us a new bed that was on sale at the local furniture store.  It's a solid foam one, and it is SO comfortable and I have slept so well on it. 

But in all things, a home is made with not only the things that we put in it, but it's the "life" the people that gather there in that makes it a home.  The Lord presiding over it all.  

Thank you for dropping by!  

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