Sunday, 15 July 2018

The Making of Rose Water

Today I'd love to share with you about the making of rose water. 
There is regular rose water (or tea) and a hydrosol.  
I would have like to do a hydrosol, which is a distillation of the rose water...but my lid didn't cover well enough to keep the moisture in and drip into the bowl.  
So, all is not lost!  We just strained the water and will use it like that. 

Firstly we picked the wild roses from around our yard.  
Then plucked off all the petals and put the stems in another bowl.
They kinda look cool still without the petals.

Then we put the petals in the pot with a bowl in-between them.
Filled up the pot with water until the petals were even with the bowl rim.
Set the pot to heating and waited for the steam. 

When we were all done, like I mentioned above.  We strained the petals out and were left with this very fragrant and golden water!  

Do you make things like this? Do share! 

Love and Prayers,

Friday, 13 July 2018

Bundle of Joy in a Blanket

Today I'd like to share with you a baby card and a blanket that I made.

For the card, I dug through my stash looking for just the right papers, and these two patterned ones seemed to be just perfect. Then I added a little watch of feather paper and some lace ribbon.  
I looked through my stamps, and this one I thought was perfect for the card.
Then it was still missing something and I found this cute little dress in my chipboard collection.

I wanted to make a baby blanket as well for my friend, and wanted also to try a new pattern. 
I found this pattern called the Six Day Kid Blanket online HERE.
At the back of the pattern pdf, there is a chart to modify the size, and so I made mine smaller. Very simple and fun to work with. 
I love to look at yarn in the store, and it's even more fun when it means I can buy some to bring home to work with. :)  
I chose some yarn from the Bernat Softee baby collection.  Pink, Antique White, and Flannel.
Then it needed a brighter colour so I added into the mix the Happy (pink) from Red Heart Baby Hugs collection. 
It took me a bit but I got it finished, and I put an edging of a couple rows of single crochet around the outside to finish it off.  You can see it in the bottom of the picture. 

Well, now it's all tucked away for when I see my friend. 

I love doing these little simple things for others... just so they know that I care.

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 9 July 2018

Homemaking Mondays: With All Thy Might

Welcome to Homemaking Mondays!

Today I'd like to share with you some scriptures that have been on my mind. 

- Ecclesiastes 9:10

- Colossians 3:23-24

There is such joy in serving the Lord Jesus and our families in our homes. 
I am asked often...what do you do all day?  As if there was nothing to be found to do around one's home to keep them occupied for countless hours.  
Sometimes I feel like issuing a list of things I do....but then I hold my tongue back and just say that I find plenty to keep myself busy with.  
Sometimes there are lulls in the day.  Resting is ok!
 If you went to a full time job somewhere else, there are mandatory breaks.  
Sometimes we just need to be creative with our time.  Like start a crafting/ yard project, or clean some odd thing like mouldings or under the kitchen sink?
Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do. 

Do it with thy might!
Make what you do meaningful.  
It's not just a chore, but apart of the big picture of keeping a home. 
Give your home your attention, for when you don't, it shows!  

- 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

Study to be quiet....minding your own business. 
Sometimes when you don't keep busy, you can be tempted into getting involved in other's affairs when you ought not to.  
When one is busy with their own needs they don't have time to look around them. 
This goes for also the lust of wanting what you see in other's lives/ homes and not being content with what you have in yours.  
When we work hard in our own homes, it keeps us from being in need or want.

- 2 Thessalonians 3:10-11
This verse is one that I have pondered on many occasions.  
It's one that people like to throw out there when they look at someones life and think they aren't doing what they think they ought to be doing.  
Firstly... the verse states that if you would not work!  neither should he eat. 
It does not say if you are unable to work. There are many people out there with disabilities or limitations that we cannot always readily see.  We do not know what they go through in all the hours they are not present with us.  
In our homes, we often judge ourselves too harshly when we aren't able to keep everything showroom quality all the time.  
Yes, we aught to try our best to keep a good clean tidy home, along with all the other needs of our homes, but sometimes it really is beyond our control, and that is ok!  
I have met some people who would not work... who refuse to do so.
That to me is not ok.  In the home, we as homemakers should give our best whenever we can.  But it is not up to others to know what our best should be.  
There are somedays where I can only handle doing the bare minimum maintenance in my home (which includes meals).  Then there are other days when I am blessed with great strength and get so much more done.  There is an ebb and flow that happens in all homes.  

Like it states above in verse 11, that there is a tell tale sign when someone is capable of working but doesn' can easily lead to being a busybody.  

May we keep our minds and strength focused on our own homes.

Love and Prayers,

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Give a Boy a Hammer!

Would love to share with you a great summer project my boys tackled. 
I gave them some nails, some scrap boards, a saw, and a hammer.  
Then I stood back and watched them create.

They sawed and hammered away.  
Then presented me with their projects. 
One made a garage for his trucks with an over hang for other things. 
The other made a train station. 

I loved seeing them practice with the tools.
Sawing straighter edges and hammering in straighter lines to. 
Below my son was sawing away with both feet on the board....I held myself back and waited, and then as the board got a bit wobbly at the end, he stepped off to finish.  
Whew...thought there was an issue waiting to happen.

Do you ever just give your kids stuff and let them create?  
I think that sometimes it is better for them to figure things out on their own, then for us to present a pre-fabricated project for them. 

Now the boys have things to play with in the yard that they made..
and let me tell you...they're built to last! 

Thanks for dropping by! 

Monday, 2 July 2018

Homemaking Mondays: Called to be a Homemaker

As we in previous posts looked at God's take on a role of women in the home, there are so many practical ways to do this. 

Often people refer to the Amish or the Mennonites as models of  homemaking.  While they are good homemakers, it is because they are just full time traditional homemakers, not because they hold some secrets that have to be discovered by the rest of us.  

The role of women in the home is ordained by God and if we truly accept this, our homes become a special dwelling place.  We give it our time and energy, prayers and attention.  

This said, each home will be different as there are different people who live there.  Some will be modern and some old fashioned.  Some will have more homemade items and some more store bought.  Some will have fresh garden produce in their fridges while others have more packaged food...depending on how the family eats and if they have a garden or not. I love to have a garden and eat fresh food, but others have different tastes, and that's ok.   Each women has different talents, skills, and interests that are reflected in her home.  The home will also change with the seasons in life that the occupants go through.  

There is the basic: cooking, cleaning, laundry, childcare, homeschooling, hospitality, and so forth.  It is how we go about these tasks that make a home...and the diversity of that.

So many these days have taken on the world's perspective of homemaking...that it is a drudgery and demeaning. To demand the husbands do their fair share because it's partly their mess anyway!

No, we need to fight against this discontent.  We need to see and know the joy and contentment that is found in all the stages of homemaking.  There is a great sense of accomplishment to be found in this role, and  really it's all in perspective.  Are we looking at homemaking through the worlds's eyes or through God's?  Yes, even through our own eyes. We all have expectations, sometimes we just need to change our perspective.

Colossians 3:17

Love and Prayers,

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Labrador Tea and Some Tea

Today I'd just like to share with you some pretty labrador tea flowers that my sons and I picked while out on a family walk today.  

I love the delicate blossoms, and the strong fragrance!

I love that they grow wild, and last a long time. 

I'll be harvesting some labrador tea leaves after the flowers fade. 

My younger daughter bought me this little tea spoon at a garage sale.  
It is a Canada one with the maple leaf, and 250 stamped on the spoon.  
So a commemorative one.  
I like these little spoons for putting honey in my tea.

Today I enjoyed a cup of peppermint chamomile tea. 
While taking a break from crocheting.  

A lovely way to pass the time!

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 25 June 2018

Homemaking Mondays: Be Not Blasphemed

Welcome to Homemaking Monday! 

Today I'd like to share with you about lifting up the word of God in our homes.  
How our homes should guard against bringing blasphemy to the word of God. 
We all are influenced by others, compare ourselves to others, but in truth we need only go to the scriptures for clear direction in our lives and homes.  

What does it mean to blaspheme? 

Webster's 1828 Dictionary states: 

BLASPHE'MEverb transitive [Gr. The first syllable is the same as in blame, blasme, denoting injury; Latin loedo, loesus; The last syllable is the Gr., to speak.]
1. To speak of the Supreme Being in terms of impious irreverence; to revile or speak reproachfully of God, or the Holy Spirit. 1 Kings 21:10Mark 3:28.
2. To speak evil of; to utter abuse or calumny against; to speak reproachfully of.

Others are watching us, and our homes.
  It's the common thread of people to observe others.  If we're honest, we all do this. Will they speak well of the Lord when they view our homes and lives? 
or will the blaspheme the Lord?  
I'm not referring to those that disagree with what the Bible says, but to those that know what the Bible says and see professing believers not following it.  
They think what is the point...even they don't believe and follow what the Bible teaches. SO why would I want to be saved... what difference would it make in my life?
This passage we've been delving into isn't just for the good of ourselves and our homes.  Showing forth the position and role of a women according to the scriptures.  It's also to show forth God's will for our lives.  When we deviate from this, the world looks on and mocks/ blasphemes God.
They speak reproachfully against God when we neglect to follow God's will for us women in these areas.  We in no way want to bring a stumbling block to others and allow for them to speak reproachfully of our Lord and Saviour!  
We need to lift up the name of the Lord and his word- the scriptures. 
We need to do this not with just our lips, but with the obedience of our lives.  
So it's simple really..if we believe the Bible, then it's going to naturally come out in our lives.  No we won't be perfect, but we'll have God's standards as our goals.  
I encourage you to feed on the word of God every day... let it dwell in you richly. 
Let it guide your life in your daily activities. 
To the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Colossians 3:15-17

Love and Prayers,