Saturday, 14 October 2017

Simple Things At Home

Hello!  Do you enjoy the simple things at home?  
I do.

This week it snowed for the first time and even after three days, we still have some out there!  Just another sign that winter is going to come to stay soon.

The joy and brightness the fresh snow brings is incredible!  
We all watched in awe as the big fluffy flakes descended.  

While inside, we enjoy the fresh potted mum I bought for myself at the grocery store.  
For just $7 it will enjoyed for a long time.

We are also enjoying crocheting in the warm of our home.  My son made the "blanket" above for his stuffed moose.  He is learning and is doing very well with his tension. He is 8.  He still needs to work on the ends. :)  He's so keen it's fun to have him pull up his crochet basket next to me, turn to me; smile, then say lets do this together.  Oh my heart bursts!  

I have also added some new lace curtains to our place as the window sucks out so much light at night.  Now the light is reflected nicely back inside and brightens that corner of the house.  

My husband also found this little green lamp in the corner for me at the free store.  Now that corner is nice and bright for those who sit there reading during Bible time.  

The african violets are also blooming beautifully at the moment and add a nice cheerful burst of colour in the living room....and at my desk below. 

It is wonderful how the simple things in our home make it cozy and inviting.  The goal is not being too busy to notice and take it all in.  The Lord is so good in the details of our homes.  It's an honour to help create these environments for our families, we need to remember to enjoy it as well.  

Today after canning 25 jars of applesauce with my daughter (who did some of it all by herself) we were tired.  I retreated to my room and as I took my crocheting out, here came my children one by one.  Seeking company and the coziness of my "new" bed!  
My husband just purchased us a new bed that was on sale at the local furniture store.  It's a solid foam one, and it is SO comfortable and I have slept so well on it. 

But in all things, a home is made with not only the things that we put in it, but it's the "life" the people that gather there in that makes it a home.  The Lord presiding over it all.  

Thank you for dropping by!  

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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Do You Love Apples?

Do you love apples?  I do! 
It's full-time and the MacIntosh apples are now in the stores.  
They're my favourite for they are sweet and cook down so nice and soft.  
No need for extra sugar with these. 
We purchased a few pounds this week and plan to make a few different things with them.

This round I am making dehydrated apples. 
We found this dehydrator at the free store this year and it works perfectly.  
I found some inserts in a stores clearance section that I trimmed down to fit inside.  
This way it'll be much easier to clean.  

I set to pealing, coring, and slicing up the apples.
My boys helped lift each layer (we have five) and line up the apples on the trays.  
I think they did great at their spacing!  

Then we plugged it in on the counter top and waited....the fan came on and in a couple minutes there was warm air blowing out of the air vents on top.  Oh the smell....yummo! 

Above you can see the last of them getting a bit more drying time. 
Below is the plate with our first batch of dehydrated apples.  
We were all delighted with them! 

What a treat to have this way of enjoying apples! 
We used to use our electric oven, but now with a propane stove it's not possible to get the low heat option. We also have a wood stove for heating in the winter...we shall try drying apples on a rack behind the stove once it's on for the day.  

Thank you so much for dropping by!  Do share if you like dried apples, what you favourite apple is or your favourite way to prepare apples. 
Praying you have a wonderful day!

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Oh, I found this great chart on apples!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Cool Fall Day

Hello!  I'd like to share with you about what to do on a cool fall day. 

How about a hot cup of tea with a spoon of honey.  Well, might as well make a whole pot and put it under the tea cozy so you can have more than one cup.

Then while you're baking bread for the day, save some dough and make apple cinnamon buns.

Mine are not from a recipe, and are never fancy.  I just flatten out my dough on the countertop, spread with butter, brown sugar, and apples.  Then roll it all up and slice.  

I like to use my glass pans with parchment paper in them. I find I make less of a mess for latter this way. ~smile~ 

Sometimes I put the cinnamon in the middle before rolling, or I just sprinkle some on top.  
I didn't get a picture of them fresh out of the oven, but it makes a lovely syrup with the juicy apple that my family loves.  I also add a bit of icing glaze to top them off.  

While the buns were rising, this day.  I decided to move my philodendron plant.  It was just sitting on the window sill and the vines were getting too big for this spot.  I had some onions hanging in the window and I thought it would be a great place to put the plant.  So out came the onions and in went the pot. :)  Simple. I have the onions in a bowl on the counter...they'll need a new home. 

I love the mesh hanger, and it's hung on a hook that is over the curtain rod (a pressure shower curtain rod) so it's able to hold the weight, and move from side to side as well depending on if I need more light or not.  

It's a cool fall here in the Yukon, and the temperature is rarely far from the freezing mark.  This day was rainy and cool, but today it's warmed up to about 10C with the sun shining.  

Thank you for dropping by!  I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you may be. 

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

A Little Pot of Cinnamon Honey

Hello!  Today I'd love to share with you a little find I made at the free store.  
It was a sweet little pot with a lid.  
It had a cinnamon label on it, but I already have something to hold my cinnamon.  
So....I thought I'd make some cinnamon honey.  
I just put in some cinnamon and added honey. Easy Peasy. 

Do you like cinnamon honey on your toast?  or in your tea?

With fall time here full on the leaves are collecting on my deck, and around my yard.  I love to watch them fluttering down, and blowing across the yard.
Soon I need to catch up with sweeping them off my deck.

There has been a lot of overcast skies, rain, and of course wind. Where would be be without wind in the fall time to blow the leaves off the trees, and out of the neatly raked piles we're working on. 

I love the beautiful colour changes that go on up the mountains as well.  There has been snow up there from time to time already.  

I hope you are enjoying the weather outside...and if it's a bit nippy, just bundle up some more.  

Praying you have a blessed day!
Thanks for dropping by!

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Musical Garden

Hello!  Today I'd love to share with you a bit about a Musical Garden. 

Our community centre has great outdoor spaces for the children, and one of those spaces is a Musical Garden.  In this garden there are homemade wind chimes and a hanging xylophone made of metal pipes.  On this day we decided to add a couple more wind chimes to the mix.  

I laid out all the things we brought to put together, and while I was doing this, my one son pulled out a book he had been given and started to read.  I love how my boys do this so spontaneously.

We drilled holes in the wood and then for this first one we laced plastic coated wire through the holes and attached these plastic whirly do things we found at the dump to it.  Then since they had these little holes in the bottom of them we attached a bell to each of them with fishing line.  

For the second one we used fishing line and tied it around wooden beads to hold things in place along the piece of wood.  
We attached bells, smaller pieces of driftwood and some wooden beads along the fishing line. 

The boys looked all around the musical garden and decided that they wanted to hang the new chimes on the climbing tree.  This tree has always been a favourite of my kids at the park.  Now someone has so amazingly built a bench around it and I can sit while they climb.  
Now, I can listen to the chimes as well.  

It is a fun place to be, and just relax.  

Do you have a special park that you like to go to?  

Thanks for dropping by!  

Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy perhaps building something interesting for you or someone else.  

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Monday, 11 September 2017

Loving Our Fall Hikes

Hello!  I must say we are loving our fall hikes.  
So much colour and I love the smells. 

Above is one road we go along, and the mountain at the end just has sunshine on it in this picture...while the rest of the area was shrouded in cloud and rain.  That was then, and now there is dustings of snow up there!!! 

One part of our families homeschooling is time in the outdoors.  
A place to see God's beautiful creation, and to get some exercise. 

Beautiful foliage on trees and shrubs alike. 

Below was a tree that was rotting out and looked cool. 

Then we found a stump that reminded us of a toilet. :)  No, we didn't try it out. 

We walked down to a nice little pond/ marsh area.  Lots of muskeg around it so not too safe to get too close. 

I found this prickly rose bush in a myriad of fall colour.

We found an old tree has fallen partly across one of our beloved trails..but we can still get by and won't saw it yet.  

We found this cool nesting cavity in it and wondered if a bird would still use it so close to the ground.  

Love this sandy beach along the riverside.  As you walked across it you could feel the air pockets under the top layer giving out.  

We have found lots of cranberries that are now ripe for picking...and eating along the trail in our case.  We'll go out picking another day. 

We also found lots of beautifully coloured blueberry bushes and a few berries here and there.  We never got to have a good picking this year as there were hardly any berries to be had.  

I love the rocks along the river beaches, so many colours and shapes.  We collected driftwood to make into a wind chime. 

It was interesting to see areas of the evident high water that we've had especially this year.  Now that the water is low there are pockets of bushes wrapped in driftwood and debris. 

It's fun to see animal tracks.  This one below from a moose. It's hard to see from the picture, but it's actually very big.

Another little alcove beach along the riverside.  This one we walked all over in bare feet.  

Here my kids are off into the trees again.  Bushwhacking a trail back to the road.

Along the way we found a fallen tree caught by the other trees around it.  I'm thankful my boys didn't decide to climb this one. 

A little sunlit patch in the forest. 

My son found this big chunk of amber tree sap and brought it home. 

Do you love to walk in the woods?  Do you find treasures that you bring home?  

Thank you for dropping by!  I hope you have a wonderful day!