Thursday, 17 May 2018

Road Trip Across Canada: British Columbia

Hello!  Today I have some fun things to share with you about our study of British Columbia.

It was an amazing adventure amongst all the roads and ferry systems they have in British Columbia! 
There are areas of mountain of the Rocky Mountain range that goes all down the west coast of North America.  There are places of hot wonderful growing areas like the Okanogan Valley that is famous for it's fruit! Just think apples, peaches, apricots, cherries, blueberries.....and so much more!
We learned about what lives along the beaches and in tidal pools.  
One thing we learned was that they use canoes a lot there.  They even have a wonderful bathtub boat race in Nanaimo!  Check it out on fun! 

We learned about some wonderful islands up the coast, how many places are only accessible by ferry or float plane/ boat.  

We learned about whale migration up the coast, and seals. :)  

SO when we joined our homeschool friends, we decided to make some canoes of our own.  Since canoes have and still do play big role in getting around this amazing province. 
We built frames out of skewer sticks and hot glue...then used balloons to cover them with. 

They turned out great! 

They even float!  We played with them in the sink for a bit. :) 

Here is a view of the inside framework.

We weighted it with clay  to keep them upright in the water.

We ate Nanaimo Bars....

and had some baked salmon.  There are lots of salmon in British Columbia along with many other sea foods that are popular along the coasts. 

British Columbia is a wonderful place to see so many places...and then there are also so many miles of just open wilderness!  

Thanks for joining us! 


Beauty is in Every Day

Hello!  I have been blessed to join in with Stephanie's Tea Cup Exchange again this year.  
You can find the Exchange Reveal HERE

I received this amazing box from Marina.  She hardly used any packing for it was stuffed with goodies that kept everything in it's place and safe!  (The tea cup was packed well inside a box within the box though!)

I laid all the goodies out on a chair for you to see.  
There is a wonderful cookbook, and some amazingly sweet cupcake papers.  
I've never seen any so lovely! 

Beautiful napkins and some treats for my doggie from her doggie! 
Very thoughtful!  

There was a lovely ball of spring yarn. 

A wonderful array of tea and hot chocolate! 
Then some yummy chocolate tea cookies.

A sweet little tea pot dish to hold tea bags and spoons.  
I've always wanted one of these. :) 

A great pair of oven mitts and a cute cupcake towel.

Then comes the tea cup.....and it's got my favourite bedding plant flower on it! 
Lovely pansies!!!

It is an Elizabethan tea cup from England. 
I thought it was even more fitting for my middle name is Elizabeth. 


I pared it up with my pansy tea pot and plate (which is missing the cup) 
so now it's a full set of pansies for me. 

I tried the cinnamon spice with orange blossom she gave me first. 
It's so delicious! 

Then a wonderful card and sweet note from her.  
I love all the thought and creativity she put into the package. 
I'm so blessed!!!!

Now here is what I sent to Lynda in New Brunswick.

I found this sweet tea cup set and it came in a beautiful box. 
It's called Blooms.

I made a couple doilies to go with her tea set.

I love that this tea cup has some sweet flowers in the inside to. 
As you can see below, there is an array of colour and blooms all over. 

I found some tea from the Northwest Territories, 
containing much of what we have here in the Yukon. 
Along with a box of Stash tea that had a few kinds to choose from.

She said she liked sewing so I made her a pin cushion, and also 
she likes to crochet/knit so I sent along a ball of yarn to match things. 

Lastly I made her a card with some bright roses.  To go along with my letter to her.

I had lots of fun putting together a package, and being able to meet new ladies. 
Praying they each were blessed by this exchange as I am. 


Monday, 14 May 2018

Homemaking Mondays: To Love their Husbands

Welcome to Homemaking Monday!

Today I'd like to share with you about loving your husband.  

In our world now feminism and the worship of self has become so prevalent that women have been lured from their godly roles, and their respect for their husbands. 
We need only look to one source: the Bible, to find out what is honourable.  
We need to turn off the world and it's phyco-babble and seriously consider what God has to say on this subject.  

Genesis 2:24
First of all when we get married, we are no longer just "individuals" we become one flesh with our husbands.  Of course not physically one person, but intimately so.  

We need to consider our husbands as we would ourselves and look to meet their needs we would our own.  This is as basic as taking into consideration what those needs are.  I would encourage any wife to take some time and write these down.  What does he like to eat? What does he like to wear? How does he like his laundry done? What does he like to listen to? Where does he like to spend time? How does he like you to dress? or wear your hair?  How would he like your children to behave?
What makes him smile?  
The list can go on.....but write it out, set it before you and consider the needs of your husband.  Then start thinking of how you can meet them.  It's good to do this from time to time.

One other note that I'd like to make regarding meeting his needs is this.  
One of the most major issues in marriages is this...adultery and fornication.
You can read about this sin extensively in scripture...and if you look around you it's prevalent in all facets of society.  So give attention to this detail in your marriages as well. 

1 Corinthians 7:3-4

Ephesians 5: 22-24
Now this is one major way that we as wives can love our husbands:
 in our submitting to their role of head of our homes.  
God didn't make us their bosses!  He made us their helpmeets.

Genesis 2:18
Now this doesn't mean that we are their means that in our roles we are blessed with the ability to work at meeting their needs.  To work beside them to accomplish what needs to be done, to parent our children, to care for our homes, and to show the world the honour of the home and the role God gave us to fill.  

This is seen clearly when we give our input on certain concerns/ needs and we allow our husbands to lead, and to make the final decisions.  We allow our husbands to lay boundaries for us and our children, and to provide us with what is necessary for us to manage the  home.  

The Bible says that wives are to submit, and be subject to our husbands in EVERY THING.  Not just the things we feel they should, or that we agree with.  
Is this easy? No.  But it is what we are called to do.  So the next time you start "telling" your husband what to do, or planning things without consulting him, take a step back.  Is it just your pride speaking? are you showing a rebellious spirit towards your husband?
Consult your husband, let him lead.  
Yes, at times you need to bite your tongue and apologize for being over bearing. 

The world tells women to stand up for themselves and to be leaders....we are called to be followers in the home and to let our husbands lead.  Yes there are things we do in managing our homes and the children, but this is not what I'm talking about here.  
It's about giving our husbands the responsibility of watching over, protecting, and providing for our homes and families.  
If we need a new "something", we don't just go out and buy one and give hime the bill. 
If our husband says we need to NOT go to a certain outing or group...we stay home. 
If we have a need, we go to him and not just seek to fill it on our own.  
I think earring money at home is ok to a must not usurp or shame our husbands role of provider.  We need to learn to live within the means that our husbands provide for us.
For years I heard of women wearing the pants in the family...and at first I thought it was a joke.  
Oh dear's not.  

I used to work outside the home and I was lured by the "you make the decide how it's spent" talk that was around me.  Just tell your husband this is how it is.  The idea that I knew better then him so I could take his place in making decisions. 
How disrespectful!  I have to admit that I am ashamed at how I behaved at times toward my husband and needed to seek forgiveness.  I praise God that my husband is a forgiving and loving man! 

Ephesians 5: 33
Here we see that a wife is to reverence her husband.  Meaning an act of respect. 
When we respect our husbands as the head of our home, and in authority over us. We find a comfortable safety in their covering over us.  When we respect them personally for what they like and follow their wishes, we earn their trust. 
In loving our husbands as we are called to, we find the role of helpmeet to be just as it should be... a wonderful place of peace.  Just as it is when we submit to the Lord Jesus and He covers us with His love and forgiveness.  
Don't let the world steal this from you!  God knows best.  Love your husbands, consider their needs and then consider what you are able to do to meet them. 

Proverbs 31: 11-12

Love and Prayers,

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Road Trip Across Canada: Territories

Hello!  I have a series of Canada Studies that I'd like to share with you. 

With so many homeschool curriculums, Canada studies seem to be a bit well...boring and technical.  
I wanted Canada to come alive to my kids and be fun.  Something that they'd remember.  

So I about a road trip?

SO this is what we did.  We did an imaginary road trip across Canada and learned about the places we'd see and learn about as we went. 
My youngest son for his Social Studies course made a binder of pictures from each place and wrote about the things he learned, and found interesting. 

SO here is our road trip... buckle up and come along!

We started out by talking about Canada in general.  So how many parts of Canada are there?  
10 Provinces and 3 Territories

We have this series of Canada Close Up books, and they're fantastic!

We did a bit of a game with the flowers for each part of Canada. 

Then we hit the road.  
First we visited the Yukon....the territory in which we live. 

We read a ton of books!

As we read we talked about the animals, where they are around the territory,
Right were we live in the Yukon we see bears, moose, foxes, wolves, otters, squirrels, ravens, eagles, (hear) great horned owls, and many different kinds of smaller birds. 
What land formations we would see in different areas?
There are mountains, forests, alpine treeless areas up the Dempster Highway ( the barren lands), shorelines along the Arctic Ocean.  
There are lots of rivers, lakes, and marshes.  We also learned about the muskeg, which is like a floating land of moss and small trees that you can fall through into deep water.  A very dangerous area to tread.  

We talked about old ships.  The AJ Goddard was sunk in Lake LeBarge, and the Tutshi is partly re-assembled in Carcross where you can walk about and see how big it was.  
We also have visited the SS Klondike in Whitehorse and walked through it's chambers seeing what it looked like when it was in operation.  

We learned about the animals that live around here, and pondered what we would see as we traveled the Yukon.  

Now here comes an interesting part.  There are actually few roads in the Yukon.  One major highway leads from the south and leaves to the west....the Alaska Highway.  Then there is the South Klondike Highway that branches off of the Alaska Highway heading for Skagway Alaska.  The North Klondike Highway leading north through Dawson city then to Alaska, and the Dempster Highway.  

We found this puzzle map very entertaining to put together.  

We also learned more about the gold rush and the Chilkoot Trail.

Then comes the Northwest Territories. 
There is only one major highway heading into this territory. 
The Mackenzie Highway...and you would see this beside the road as you entered. 

The road is long and flat.  Lots of trees and if  you get out in the summer...look out for the swarms of black flies and mosquitos...and quickly close the door going in and out of your vehicle. :)  

Then up into the Canadian Shield you go before getting to Yellowknife, the capital of the N.W.T.
SO many great places to see there...and since I grew up there, I shared some of my favourite places to see.  Including Old Town, with Pilot's Monument, and the boat  houses, and float planes.  Plus one of the coolest little general stores you'll ever see.  Weaver and Devour...we used to get our mail there and shop for winter clothing.  

We talked about how if you want to get to most of the communities there you can either fly...often in a little plane....or take an ice road in the winter time.  

The Northwest Territories has the same kind of animals here, but not as many moose.  There are huge areas here that are just plain wild.  Uninhabited by people.  
We learned about Nahanni National Park. It's very remote, and no roads go there...
 we'd park and fly!  

Next we visited Nunavut...Canada's newest Territory. 
There was no special road sign to see as you entered this territory, because there are no roads that lead to Nunavut!  You have to fly here or take a boat.  It is mostly in the arctic and barren land areas.  
Iqaluit is the capital and a cool place to visit. 

We learned about their special dog sled teams (which are different than the ones they use in the Yukon.).  These dog sled teams spread out when running across the ice, which makes it much safer as it distributes the weight.  We learned about igloos and how they were built.  We talked about ice fishing and how the inuit people hunted seals through breathing holes in the do the polar bears. 

We learned how all across the northern parts of these territories they use a special creation to navigate and leave messages for others. 

Then when we joined with our homeschool friends we made some of our own. 

We also made bannock which is a staple among many who live in these territories.  
Had cranberry jam on top of it.  Yum!

Thanks for joining us! 


Monday, 7 May 2018

Homemaking Mondays : To Be Sober

Welcome to Homemaking Monday!  
Today I'd like to elaborate on what it means to be sober. 

Sober means to not be taken with strong drink...but also to be aware, vigilant.  
Not given to an influence of passion...calm, controlled in the case of 
making decisions/ sober/ righteous judgement. 

Proverbs 20:1

Ephesians 5:18

It is a well known fact that if one is given to strong drink, their senses are hindered, or obscured.  
If we are to be good keepers of our home, we need to be sober!  
We need to have our senses alert so that we can properly meet the needs of our families.  
I know we are prone to being emotional, but we need self control in this area. 

I have heard much too often that mom's need wine to make it through the foolish! 
I understand that the world views intoxication as a general norm...
but it ought not to be for the Christian.  

Titus 2: 11-12
If you are a believing woman you need to look at all things in the light of walking in holiness, not worldliness.  We need to shun the ways of the world and focus on what God would have us do instead. 

1 Thessalonians 5:6-7
Here sober is referring to being self-controlled. 
One of the greatest needs of a homemaker is to be sober.  To have her mind clear so that she can see things for what they are.  
Being sober allows homemakers to make good righteous judgements and wise decisions. 
We, when our husbands are not home are the protectors of our children and homes. 
We need to be alert -sober- so we won't knowingly allow things into our homes that ought not to be there.  
This goes for books, toys, media, food, and also attitudes/ ways of thinking. 
We need to be aware of all that our children are being exposed to inside our homes.  
We must not leave things up to chance.  
All that goes into the home needs to pass by Mom! (and Dad when he's available).  Yes, this even goes for what grandparents bring.  This may sound unrealistic, but I have found this to be true in our home.  
We don't allow books with witchcraft, sorcery, rebellion, fantasy, or the occult into our home, among other things of course.  That includes Alice in Wonderland and Narnia.  
  We don't allow toys/ clothes that are linked to TV characters or movies.  There is no need for this.  We have no TV in our home for a reason...and we don't need things to create a curiosity or interest in our children of things not beneficial to them.  For example nothing Disney or Veggie Tales enters our home!
It cheers my heart when I see my children on their own saying "no thank you" to things that are not welcome in our home.  
We need to be sober and watchful of attitudes and ways of thinking in our homes as well.
If we are not, rebellion and the like can slip in. Things like tantrums aren't ok.  

1 Samuel 15:23
If we are paying close enough attention, we can often see it coming and cut it off at the pass.  If we are to teach our children self control, to be sober minded, then we ourselves must practice this quality.  They are watching!  
I know we as women have lots of emotions, but we must learn to keep ourselves in check and not to give in to them all the time.  Self control is just controlling ourself.  
As I consider what it means to be sober, I am always brought back to this.  

1 Peter 5:8
The Devil wants to destroy you, your marriage, your children, and your home.  
Take God's wise council and be sober!

Love and Prayers,

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Study on Electricity

Today I'd like to share with you some of what was covered on an electricity study we did with another homeschool family. 

We looked through these books a bit.
A great resource if you ever find them. 

I found this on a site...forgot to save the site, but if you click on the picture you should be able to read the little write up.  
Here is another link to a great site HERE! 

Following are some pages that I saved off of Google Images that helped 
to get everyone talking on topic. 

After talking about this, I gave each of us a tag with either a positive or a negative charge.  
We then proceeded to move about the room either being attracted to each other or repelling each other.  

This was interesting as the kids all talked about different galvanometers they knew about. 

Here we used my son's new Electronic snap circuits kit to make a circuit with a light, a fan, and a speaker (playing happy birthday).  

With this we tried to gain some static electricity by moving about the room scuffing our socks on the carpet.  Unfortunately this didn't work as we had hopped.  We did talk about those "zaps" we get from time to time on our vehicles or when we touch metal doors...same thing. 

At the end, everyone got one of these word searches and we worked together finding each of the terms.  It was lots of fun! 

So a simple little time learning about electricity, 
hopefully getting them more excited about this topic. 

Thanks for dropping by!