Monday 8 May 2017

A Place for Bees

Hello!  Do you love bees?  I do, although I do have a healthy respect for them and stay out of their personal space.  

This past fall my dad brought us a special gift.  It was a bumble bee house he had made himself.  

This spring we have found a place in our yard that isn't used much and set it up on a block that is 8inches off the ground.  The winds have been gusting through the yard and it hasn't moved, so I think it'll be safe.  It is in fairly close proximity to where lots of wild roses & fireweed grow.  Plus we see the big bumble bees in our gardens throughout the property. 

We are hoping that this house will be of good use, and help to populate more sweet bumble bees!

Here are some links to information on bumble bee houses if you are interested. 

Thanks for dropping by!  



God's Grace Overflows said...

This is a very neat idea. My hubby used to do the bee thing, but living so far out, it was a struggle. But I do love to see bees!
We received more rain last night and they are calling for more the next 3 days. I'm so very thankful for the moisture!
I hope you are doing well my friend!

Have a good and delightful week!
Hugs, Amy

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Your daughter should make a 'welcome bees' sign for the front of the bee house since she did such a nice job on the house sign.