Friday 13 April 2012

Some Blessings in My Life

I have been quite busy with my kids and with starting to get some things growing.  My girls went to work and cleaned and bleached all my pots for me! Then we all set to planting some more seeds.  Some herbs and some Sunflowers, Sweet Peas and Allysum.  We arranged some of them on a shelf in front of the window and put the rest up under the grow light on our fridge.  We had quite a mess on the floor left over from all the "helping" but it was a wonderful time together! Here are a couple pics of our finished project.  Now we just have to wait and pray that they come up! Oh and there is a pic of our sweet potato starters.  We had a Sweet Tater just start growing so we let it go! We've never grown them before, perhaps we'll get something if we pot them up in the greenhouse.  As you can see from across the street, we still have lots of snow to melt.  Our side is more melted because we do receive more sun, but it's not all gone yet!
These are the little plants that we started earlier.  The tomatoes, broccoli and lavender.
Next to it in the other jar is an apple seed that had already started growing inside the apple.  I doubt that'll last up here, but the kids want to try! Can you imagine an apple tree in my front room?

Next since this is a long post anyway I want to add a couple pics of my son and his shirt.  One day this past week he was fooling around while having a drink of water. (yes, that happens often with him!) He of course spilt it and I was astounded to see the shape it had made on his shirt.  Take a look!

The Lord has truly blessed me and each moment of every day serves to remind me of His great mercy and grace in my life!


Natalie said...

Looks like you have quite a few blessings in your life!! Praise the Lord!

Crafty Mamma Mia said...

Enjoy your home grown goodies! Helen x

Debbie said...

What a cool "spit spot"!! Children are such a blessing!!
I wish you well in your planting efforts! (I have black thumbs!)

Creations by Shirl said...

Wow you've got some totally green thumbs in the family... And how cool is that water spot that turned into a heart... Talk about being blessed by the lord... Amen!