Monday 12 December 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Sourdough and Sunshine


It's a lovely winter's day here.  
The sky is getting brighter and the blue grey hues
are lovely to watch as they change with the light.

As it's cold outside, it's warm inside,
especially in the kitchen.
This morning I baked some sourdough bread.
Just one loaf this time along with some crusty buns.
I baked two sourdough loaves yesterday.
Then there was just a touch of dough left so I made some 
cinnamon buns to munch on later today.
I like to do a big bake with sourdough and then tuck 
the starter back to bed in the fridge.

I also baked some buttery sourdough crackers. 
You can find the recipe over at Reformation Acres Blog.
They are a wonderful treat to munch on.
With or without cheese these crackers are delicious!
What do you like on your crackers?

This week I also wanted to have something 
different for supper. 
Do you get into ruts of making the same things over and over?
I do, so I looked at the store 
for something out of the ordinary.
I found some spring roll wrappers and thought
that could be interesting.  
I've made something with them in the past but it had been a long time.
I made a filling of rice, spinach, and then 
either diced chicken or ground pork.
I rolled them up and fried them in a bit of olive oil.
This way there were two options for the family to try.
I am pleased to say that they were enjoyed by all!

Along with the ups and downs of weather
we have gotten some heavy fog. 
Which I love...aside from the dangerous driving conditions.
It coats the trees and really any outside object with frost
including people and animals.
Even the spider webs on the railings get their fair share
of pretty frost to decorate them. 

The sun comes out but it doesn't go above the trees
where we are at. 
SO we get lovely slanted light through the trees.

Even on frosty days
our friendly squirrels come out
to raid the feeders for sunflower seeds.
They get all fluffed up like the birds to stay warm.

I made a plushy baby blanket 
for a sweet little boy this past week.
It was a Caron Cake yarn and it was "furry".
At first I was thinking it was kinda odd...but it turned
out to be so soft and warm. 
I did a granny square pattern as I find it easier to make
not knowing how far the yarn will go.
Plus I think the pattern is pretty.

I hope you are enjoying your day 
and your homemaking tasks. 
It is good to just 
take a few minutes each day to pause
and think about the simple pleasures the Lord 
has given us through homemaking.

Love and Prayers,


Sister in the Mid-west said...

Mmm! Looks like a delicious week! :)
Those frost ice sculptures are so pretty! I've never seen any like that in person.

Linda Shukri said...

Everything sounds delicious! I love making spring rolls though I don't do it very often. I find it easier to bake them in the oven instead of frying them. After forming the rolls, I brush them with oil, then bake them at 425 deg for maybe 20 minutes, I think. I use a cookie sheet with parchment on it for nonstick and easy cleanup. :-)

Mrs. White said...

Your winter scenery is beautiful! The cinnamon rolls look so good. I am sure they were delicious! Baking brings such happiness in homemaking. Have a wonderful day!