Monday, 26 December 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Rise and Shine


How many of us rise and shine in the mornings?
I myself am not a morning person per say but I have learned
that a cheerful smile given in the morning 
is a wonderful gift. 
A gift for the person receiving it and the person giving it.
As a homemaker it matters very much
how we greet our family each day. 
I have been reading a bit about how we as mothers
help to set the tone of our homes.
For me to greet everyone with a smile 
and often a hug in the morning 
is an important part of my homemaking.

This past week I found these two treasures at the free store.
A lovely pitcher that is so cheerful and I'll
be using as a vase for the most part.
Then this little enamelled bowl.
I love the script on it and it now tops my 
grain grinder where I usually keep a much less
appealing bowl for catching the grain.
Cheerful accents in the middle of winter to grace the kitchen.

Then there is the smell of the kitchen.
Yesterday I started some sourdough dough to proofing
and this morning I woke 
and got it baking in the oven.
I think that wonderful smells from the kitchen also 
help to set a tone for the home. 
I know not everyone is a baker 
but any delicious smells from the kitchen 
I believe help those in the home feel cared for.

Some other more less lovely aspects of caring for our homes
are doing maintenance.
Our kitchen drawers have been coming apart slowly and so
they need to be banged back into place and then secured
with some L clamps.
It's a simple task but I find that I do wait until I can't 
manage with just banging it back into place with my hands. 
I line the rough drawers with a special liner to keep from getting slivers. 

Thank you with dropping by! 
I hope you have a beautiful day
keeping your homes and caring for your families.

Love and Prayers,

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