Monday 19 December 2022

Homemaking Mondays: For the Family to Enjoy


It's a fine frigid day here. 
Sitting at -44C at noon.
The sun came up over the mountain 
and the light filtered through the fog 
in beautiful golden rays. 
It's like it turns the winter world aglow.

I am enjoying the warmth of being inside.
A good hot cup of tea while working in the kitchen 
is always welcome on days like today.
There is something special about hot drinks on cold days.
They do more then just warm our insides,
they bring a touch of gentle comfort that sinks deeper still.

I had some baking to do today for my daughter.
We enjoyed her birthday today she was home from work.
So a day early but still special. 
Chocolate wacky cake with peppermint chocolate frosting.
Then some grated chocolate and sprinkles of course.

This past week I also did a fun rosemary bread
on one of my bread making days.
I love focaccia bread but I'm terrible at following recipes.
So I just added some rosemary to the last bit of dough
then some extra olive oil to the flattened out dough.
I let it rise in a cast iron skillet.  
Punched down the dough some and baked in the skillet
for a lovely crispy crust.

It's a nice side for a meal.
I served it up with some of our regular bread
for not all the family enjoys the rosemary.

One part of homemaking that can be a challenge
but also a joy 
is finding things for all the family to enjoy.
Food is only one of those aspects of our homemaking
that takes some creativity.
When it's super cold out I find that my mind turns to the kitchen
more then when it's warmer out. 
Perhaps it's the added warmth of the oven
or the fact that food helps our bodies keep warm.
On days like these I enjoy puttering about the kitchen
although it doesn't take much for me
to find myself gravitating to that room. 

I hope you are all staying warm and cozy in your homes.
Enjoying creating those special spaces.

Love and Prayers,

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