Monday, 8 August 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Tidbits from the Garden


It's a beautiful day here as the clouds have broken 
up and the sun is shining brightly.  
There was some frost last night but thankfully 
we were all still wet from the rain yesterday
that all was well in the garden and flowers.

I picked some of the lovely blooms 
from the garden to bring inside. 
Even though there are geraniums and violets
blooming indoors 
I always love more flowers around. 
Soon the season for outdoor flowers will be 
over completely.  

The garden is doing well and I seem to find
my kitchen counter littered with 
fresh produce from the garden. 
Does your kitchen sometimes 
look like this?

With keeping the garden I am 
watchful over what is happening with the plants.
When I see the onions start to wilt or 
look less then optimal I start checking for maggots. 
Yup..they held off a long time this year but they did show up. 
I quickly pulled all the onions and garlic to minimize waste.
No...the garlic cloves won't become shelf stable or the onions as large.
But!  There will still be a lot tucked away in the pantry or freezer for later.

I took advantage of a beautiful day with wind 
and did the major work outside. 
Still needed a bug hat and light coat to keep some of 
the bugs at bay.  Black flies don't seem to mind the wind. 
I washed and chopped all the onions outside so 
I didn't become dehydrated from crying. 
Do you have that problem? I sure do! 
The garlic is in the fridge all washed up and I'll 
grate it up and dehydrate it.  
This year I want to try making garlic powder.
We have been very blessed with being loaned a couple
big dehydrators to help put away some food.
What do you like to dehydrate the most?

This week my boys have started back to lessons. 
I find that after awhile the summer break seems to loose it's interest.
Then it's good to give the kids something to do other then chores.

One day while out visiting a friend the sun came out and with it
this beautiful rainbow!
Couldn't help snap a pictures before just enjoying it. 
That day was a wonderful one for watching clouds.

This morning I woke to this beautiful scene.  
I do love sunsets but first thing in the morning has it's charm.
I love it when the lake is calm enough to capture the reflection 
of the trees and mountain.
Sometimes I look out the window at just the right time to 
see the families of Canada Geese swimming 
with their goslings. 
They are nested on the other side of the lake but come
to our side to feed in the morning and evening. 

I do hope you are enjoying the last bit of summer. 
If you are putting food by, what is your favourite way to preserve?

Love and Prayers,

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Sister in the Mid-west said...

I love cut flowers! I have made myself several bouquets, too.
I agree when it comes to summer break. I have had my 1st grader keep up with his studies most of the summer.