Monday 16 May 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Things Are Changing


It's a cool rainy day again here today. 
It seems we get a sunny warm day and then 
a couple cloudy rainy ones.

My daughter had bought me these lovely pansies above.
So I planted them into some tins I've been collecting.
A cheerful space above the kitchen sink.

Things here are changing more and more.
The rain is helping melt the rest of the snow.  
Yes....we can still have snowball fights in the yard 
in the middle of May! Yup...unseasonable for sure.

There are large open patches of ground now.
The garden beds that are raised are all thawed out now.
Below my roseroot perennial is up
along with some delphiniums and fireweed. 
They're just tiny but the signs of life are encouraging. 

Inside the sunflowers are bursting into bloom.
Their cheerful faces can be seen inside and outside.
We have 13 of them in the house. 
Once it's warm enough out they will go out to the flower beds. 

More homemade cheese buns. 
They are so good on cool days.

I also bought some herb starters.
The ones I started haven't done well so I 
went to my favourite local garden centre for some. 
Rosemary, peppermint, summer savoury, & lemon thyme. 
I potted them up in little pots for the window space.
Of course they will share with the existing window plants.
It makes for a crowded counter space...but I kinda like it that way.

One thing new I tried this week was overnight oats.
I've been thinking about it for a long time....and finally did it.
I have to say I really like them! 
This recipe was milk, yogurt, thick oats, chia seeds, & maple syrup.
I topped it with strawberries in the morning and yum! 
I was the only one that would eat it in the morning so I'm glad 
that I can just make it in a mason jar for me. 

Yesterday I took my morning tea outside 
to see about the greenhouse.
It was a black/peppermint mix this time.
I do love my black tea with cream and sugar/honey.

Here is my greenhouse! 
This past weekend I had a lovely couple from our community
come and help us put a new roof on it. 
It was an interesting project and didn't cost us a penny. 
We used the broken boards...piecing them together.
Then we cut down some trees - we have lots!
We had saved all the nails from the boards....pounded them straight 
and used them to nail the structure back into place. 
We had a couple new 2x4's and a couple spikes in the toolbox for the trees.
Then the next day a couple of my children helped me 
put up the plastic to cover the roof and voila!  
It's ready for planting!!!!

I'm going to get started on my rain gutter pea project. 
Then get some other little starters going.
Too cold at night to put out the plants from the house though.
Need to haul some water for the rain barrels. 
Well I also have a plan to attach a rain gutter to the greenhouse
to collect rain water.  
Too bad I didn't have time to do that yesterday as today 
it is pouring rain.  
I do have a feeling there will be plenty of rain this year.

Thank you for dropping by! 
I hope if you are gardening this year 
that it's going well for you.

The changing of the seasons is lovely
and at times we just need to step back from the 
everyday hopes of warmth
to just enjoy the details it brings.
Yesterday I meandered through the trees. 
Taking in the new smells
listening to the new raucous of bird calls
watching the squirrels dashing about
hearing the wind in the trees. 
I do love the trees! 
Their smells change in the spring.
The evergreens seem more pungent and fresh
while the aspens are still awaiting buds.
I did bring some broken may tree branches in the house.
They are starting to grow leaves.
I thought that would be better then just leaving them outside to die. 
I've never done that we shall see how long they last.
I do hope they might root and I can grow them out again.

Praying you have a beautiful day! 
Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

Love the look of the purple pansies by the window!

I've never tried overnight it similar to oatmeal, but served cold?

Last weekend, we had a heat wave (mid to high 30s Celsius). Then it cooled down (mid 10s) for a few days. But the temps are expected to climb above 30C again by the end of the week!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Those cheese buns . . . oh my! They look wonderful! Haha - figures I zone in on the FOOD item first! Your little tins are adorable with their pansies and can't wait to see those sunflowers once they are in your garden! It's hard to fathom still having snow on the ground though but I guess that's just how you roll way up there in the NORTH lol. We continue to experience the roller coaster of midwest weather . . . 90's one day . . . 50's the next. But at least we are finally in the 'safe' time for planting. I actually planted SEEDS in the garden from my zinnias from last year. Plants like everything else have sky-rocketed in price so I'm limiting what I buy!