Monday 2 May 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Awkward Spots

It's a beautiful spring morning here 
and there is some sunshine and lots of gusting winds. 
The birds are singing their cheerful tunes 
and the squirrels are running about all over searching
through the spots of ground that are showing under the trees. 

Today I wanted to share with you an awkward spot in my home. 
There is a place where there used to be a stove and so the 
built up area is still there.  
What to do with that space as you can't really put much there.
I've wondered about what to do with that space for some time. 
We can't put a stove there anymore 
so there is a cabinet where my daughter keeps her
leopard gecko mealworm farm and other supplies out of the way.
Then there is a small table added with a basket of blankets 
so they are easy to grab when one needs a bit more warmth.  
I just re-arranged some pictures and plants for the space and it seems
to be much better.  
Do you have a place in your home that kinda 
muddles you with it's awkwardness?

The geraniums in the window are starting to bloom more 
and it's lovely to see their cheerful colours.  
They will go out into the garden once it's warm enough. 
Though as you can see in the picture we still
have a lot of snow to melt away before that will be happening. 

With the cheerful spring feeling
I've been having more tea times.
I often just grab a quick cup of tea as I do things 
about the house.
Although making a small pot of tea helps
to make me sit down and enjoy it more.
I have a small camping table that is easy to set up and gives
me a place to set my tea tray.

My boys have been enjoying this new kit 
that we've gotten for homeschool.
It's helping them as they study electricity. 
It's a great kit that has lots of different components 
that are re-usable as they just click into the 
circuit boards. If they were soldered then it would 
just be a one time activity.  
Come summer we'll do some soldering outside.
It has a dreadful smell so best done outdoors if possible.

I've made a couple of cheesecakes this week for birthdays.
For some reason I've never been able to get the cakes 
not to crack.  Good thing that they are still delicious regardless. 

This week I also made up a big batch of bone broth.  
I love it when it's all nicely gelled. 
It's good to add to soup and rice. 
I know some people who just drink it straight 
but that is not for me. 

I do hope you are enjoying a beautiful day! 
Sometimes it's beautiful in the sunshine or in the fresh rain.
Each day is such a lovely gift from the Lord Jesus. 

Love and Prayers,



Sister in the Mid-west said...

I raised meal worms for about 6 months. Grain mites got into my set up and I had to give it up.
That electric circuit kit looks like a great training tool!

Sunshine Country said...

Your geranium is beautiful! We have some red ones that started blooming about a month ago. I love their bright colors!
I am loving hearing all of the birds singing here too. I've found four robin's nest, and a dove and cardinal's nest too so far this spring. One of them might make it into a post on my blog sometime soon here, we'll see. :) I'm so thankful for all the beautiful things the Lord allows us to enjoy!

Margie said...

Love your tea tray! I've started drinking more floral and lighter (e.g., green or white teas) teas!