Monday, 2 March 2020

Homemaking Mondays: What Kind of Food Do You Eat?

Today I just want to show you the fun felt food 
that I finished making for my niece. 
I think that I covered some of what would be enjoyed by a little girl. 
Heathy foods and fun to.  
There were lots of unhealthy food options...but I want to continue
 to help encourage her to enjoy good healthy food.
Yes...I thought the fish needed googlie eyes and not X's.  

I tried to think of foods that she would normally eat.
I hope she enjoys making her own meals. 
She loves fruits and veggies...but she also loves her meat. 
Couldn't make a breakfast meal without the bacon.

Then of need to have treats!
It took me a bit to figure out the cake. 
I wanted sprinkles, but didn't like the ones I saw online.
So hot glued pearls seemed to be just the thing.
Then of course there were oreo cookies. 
Not healthy...but they still taste great! :) 

I really enjoyed this project....and one day I pray I'll get to 
sit down to one of her special felt meals. 

Thanks for dropping by! 
Love and Prayers,


Annie said...

So sweet! I love this! What a sweet little craft project. I know your niece is going to love these. I used to have a huge stash of felt but recently gave it all away. Now I'm thinking I should have kept it! I have a few sweet little girls in my life who would love a little gift like this. I will "stash" this crafting idea away and I just might use it for some birthdays coming up. I agree the fish definitely needed googly eyes and not x's. :)

Sunshine Country said...

Aw, the cake especially made me smile! :) The fish are very cute also. :) Such a special gift - you did a wonderful job making all of the felt food. I really ought to give this a try sometime. I know one of my sisters told me that her children play with their set of plastic food quite a lot, so I know it's something that will get used. Thank you for sharing your project with us!

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, You did such a great job! I love sewing felt birds for small gifts! But any homemaker in the making, playing house would love this!!
I bet it will be her favorite for a long time! I adored the fish and the oreo cookies...

Hugs, Roxy

Margie said...

The felt foods are super cute! The cake and Oreo cookies would go well with a cup of tea. Hehehe!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

The felt food look like a lot of fun to play with!
We eat a lot of chicken, rice, and oatmeal. Cheap food. Also, beans. :)

Sarah said...

Wow! You did a fantastic job! I am sure that your niece will enjoy many happy hours playing with this food set. You can see that it was truly a labor of love. I really admire all of the thought and details you put into each piece.

R's Rue said...


Andrea Ostapovitch said...

What a fun project, and what an awesome job you did. My kids would have loved something like that! I made them all sorts of little felt critters when they were small, but never food. Great idea!

Linda Shukri said...

so cute!! love the bacon and eggs!