Monday, 9 March 2020

Homemaking Mondays: God's Glory in the New Shoots

How are you? 
Today I'd like to share with you some of what I've been up to this week.

As the days lengthen I enjoy planting some seeds 
and get a head start on the gardening season.

This year we are trying something new...and that is 
to grow some radishes, spinach, and lettuce indoors.
Above is a picture my daughter took of our little radish plants.  
Below is a little shoot of a marigold flower.
Yes, we need flowers to to balance out the veggies! 
Do you do that?
I love to have marigolds to plant with my tomatoes 
because they like growing together. 

With the added sunshine and light 
our geraniums are starting to flower! 
First out pink and then soon the red ones will be out. 

By my little chair space next to the window...
I am working on another pair of socks.
This time I'm using a variegated yarn that is different 
from the others I have used.  It creates an interesting pattern.

I found this great pot at the free store awhile back and like to use it 
for putting veggies and dip in.  
It's not too heavy and with the double handles is easy to carry.
I love that it's metal and won't break if dropped.  
I know we like to think that we won't drop things...but 
experience has taught me that isn't the case. :)
I also just found this cute little metal tray at the free store to.
Great for sliced cheese and other little items. 

As spring approaches I also am feeling the urge to purge and clean.
I've started to re-home items I don't need or want anymore.  
It's good to get into the corners and really look and consider things. 
Our family will be looking at moving again in a few months and so this is also 
helping to lighten the load we'll have to carry.
Sometimes when I drop things off at the free store I see others pick up the items 
and delight in what they find.  I know it was meant to pass it on.

Here are a couple more pictures of our little seedlings that my daughter has taken.
Sunflowers (three kinds of dwarf ones)

Our chamomile has really been coming nicely! 
I love to grow chamomile for tea! 

In all of the joy of watching things grow I wonder at the 
intricate way that God has created all life.  
Nothing by chance...all perfectly created in all the lovely details.  
May we glorify God for his greatness and 
for all that he has created!

Do you start plants indoors?  Have you started yet? 
What do you like to grow indoors? 

Thanks for dropping by! 

Love and Prayers,


Sister in the Mid-west said...

I do get excited about gardening this time of year! I don't start seeds indoors any more. I just wait until the soil is warm enough to plant seeds.
I enjoy seeing your finds from the free store.
I have been packing to move for the past week. Tomorrow is the big day! It is not a very far move. I hope we can get everything moved with as little stress as possible! :)

Sunshine Country said...

I always enjoy starting seeds indoors. It brings some cheerful green to see during months when it is still cold outside. I have started some vegetables and flowers recently, and some of them are just starting to come up. I will miss seeing them grow, however, as I had to leave on an extended trip today. Hopefully others in the family will remember to care for them for me. :) Thank you for sharing about the things you are growing - I enjoyed it!

Annie said...

I haven't started my garden yet. I don't have a place in doors to start them out house is so tiny. My mother-in-law has a really nice set up of grow lights and has a lot of starts right now. She has her own little farm and sells her organic vegetables at the farmer's market every year. Since we are renting right now I will have to keep my garden in containers. I am going to use some old rubbermaid containers I have just sitting around empty. When I lived over in the Puget Sound area I had a nice big garden, chickens and ducks. I am really looking forward to one day having our little piece of property where I can have a nice big garden again but until then I will do what I can with what the Lord has given me. :)

Spring time always reminds me that God is making all things new. He is so amazing!

Lauren at Wonderfully Made said...

It's crazy I know but I've never started plants on my own. I AM inspired now and since we are all sheltering in place, I may just add seeds to my next grocery run. Thanks for the inspiration! Do you have any special lights you use or just daylight? (Although we haven't had much sun lately here!) Grateful for a creative God . . . and One Who is still on His throne no matter what is going on around us!