Thursday 2 January 2020

A Bit of Sewing For a Lady's Kitchen

I just wanted to share some sewing I've been doing for a 
young lady's kitchen. 

I think that the kitchen is really the heart of a home, 
and with all the work that goes on in there
 it's nice to have pretty things to work with, 
and to wear.
Plus aprons are wonderful to keep your regular clothing clean.
I'm not sure about you...but things for me can get messy in the kitchen. 

SO here is an apron in a lovely blue floral mix. 
It's simple but functional. 
I made the straps in the back long enough that she can wrap them around 
and tie it in the front if she wants to.

The front pocket has three compartments.  
They're not too deep, but I find that I rarely use deep pockets, 
but it's great for stashing odd clips and cloths.  

Then I added a couple metal loops for the neck strap. 
This makes it super easy to adjust the length. 

The pot holders above I quilted with some cotton batting 
and a special thermal layer.
Should be good to use with hot things either on a table or counter...
or pulling hot things out of the oven. 

It's just a couple simple things to make a kitchen more cheerful.
I hope they make her smile when she uses them. 

Love and Prayers,


mamasmercantile said...

Bother beautiful projects and made for a wonderful gift.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

The young lady is going to be so blessed to have these potholders and apron in her kitchen! You do beautiful work Jennifer! I love the colors and pattern of the fabric you chose as well, and the simple design of the apron is very useful and pretty too! May the blessings of the Lord be with you and your family :)

Sunshine Country said...

These look like gifts that she will be sure to appreciate! Thank you for sharing about your projects - I have have been just getting back into doing some sewing myself, and I enjoy seeing what others have been working on also. I have a large stash of fabric and yarn that has been getting even larger by family and friends handing more to me because they know I do sewing and crocheting, so I need to start spending my spare time a little better and get some of it used. :)