Monday, 5 August 2019

Homemaking Monday: Flowers to Cheer You!

Hello!  Do flowers cheer you? 
I find that I cannot help but smile when I see flowers.
What a gift from the Lord flowers are! 

This week flowers seem to be just bursting in my home.
I was given a few slips of geranium recently. 
One of them has brought a beautiful treasure to the dinning room window.
My snake skin plant has a few flower stems emerging. 
I've never seen it do this before.

There are tiny droplets of dew on them.

Then my sunflower in my greenhouse has brought a huge burst of colour!
It's the only one, but it has made fast friends with the bees. :) 

Then there are the violets. 
They are my ultimate favourite indoor flowering plant. 
I have a few different ones, and they are all starting to bloom.

Flowers seem to cheer my day as I putter about the home doing 
necessary things.  
Fresh flowers are wonderful and sometimes you can find them at a reasonable price. 
With potted flowers it's so nice that they are free. 
A special touch to add to your home if you like indoor plants.

Also this week we've been enjoying an abundance of blueberries!  
I found a great deal on them and it has been nice to share 
and to put some away for the winter needs. 

Then also bananas were a good price so we bought some extra to dehydrate.
They won't last long unless I hide them. Yum!

Then all the abundance of rhubarb, red raspberry leaves, and chamomile 
have been steadily been added to the pantry.  

It is so good to work in the gentleness of our homes. 
With little things like flowers to cheer us! 

Praying you have a blessed day!



Vicki said...

your violets are beautiful! I have never been able to get them to bloom. The dehydrated banana is also a great idea.

Margie said...

Love the violets! I have a couple in teacup planters and I'm always delighted to see their blooms.