Thursday, 26 July 2018

Summer is Full

Hello!  I thought I'd share a bit of our summer with you.  
It's been cold and rainy for most of the time, but mid July changed to hot and sunny and it's lovely!  

To deal with the heat (which we're not used to),
we've been spending time around the water, and in the shade. 

We have a sweet shallow spot just up river from us that we enjoy cooling off in. 
Life jackets are nice to put on the boys as just off to the right of the picture 
is a very fast moving main river.  Here my one daughter splashes away with her brothers. 

We also like to go to a small shallow lake close to home.
It is perfect for the kids to practice paddling and boat safety.  

This last week we stood around in the water for a long time and watched the massive schools of minnows pecking away at our feet and legs.  
At first it was startling but then it turned to fits of giggles as they descended on us. :)  

Each of the boys had a paddling lesson at the front of the boat, 
next time will be in the back and they'll learn steering. 

The boys brought their goggles and watched the minnows in the water instead of going swimming. 

It was such a lovely day!  
A mix of sun and cloud and a gentle breeze. 

The flowers in the yard and garden are blooming so beautiful and it's so cheerful to wander about watering and weeding. 

Our little fireweed forest by one section of garden has erupted in blooms 
and is often a buzz with our neighbour's honey bees.  
Yes, you can see a frost blanket/ row cover over some of the plants.  
It's still mighty cold here during the night for growing things.  
So I cover them up to give them a little added boost.  

Thanks for dropping by!  
I hope  you are enjoying the lovely summer days! 

Love and Prayers,


*Vicki* said...

What gorgeous photos!! That is such a beautiful place to be! Hopefully when hubby retires in a couple of years, I will be able to do more of that as well! :) Thanks for your heartfelt and kind comments on my blog about my sweet Mocca ...I miss her every day in my heart and I appreciate your prayers. Sending HUGS!!

mamasmercantile said...

Such a family fun filled post, looks like great fun.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Jennifer, What a beautiful place to live! Loved seeing the photos!!
Thinking of you!
Blessings, Roxy

Margie said...

How fortunate to be so close to the river. The scorching temperatures and humidity would be more tolerable if I had access to a body of water where I can cool off.