Wednesday, 20 June 2018

So We Built a Bee Hotel

Hello!  Do you like bees? and lady bugs and well, 
just about all the little good bugs in the garden?

We do, and my boys and I put together a bee hotel to help them feel more welcome. 
We have lots of aphids in our trees and yard, and would like to encourage ladybugs to stay around for a bit.  
We bought a package of them and will release them bit by bit hoping that some will make our yard their home.  

The boys got some scrap pieces of wood from out wood shed and then hammered them together.  Just a few bruised fingers afterwards. :)  
Then we layered spruce cones, bark, and some bamboo that they sawed into small lengths.  
To make sure that it stayed in there, we stapled some plastic mesh overtop.  
We put it up on a rock (off the ground) but close to the ground for them to easily find a room to snuggle into.   Once we release all the ladybugs, we'll use the "bedding" they came in and tuck it into a clay pot and set nearby the bug hotel.
A fun project to do outdoor, and make the yard a bit more welcoming for our little friends. 

I asked my son when we were done if it looked like what we saw in pictures.  
He said, "No, it looks homemade." 

Thanks for dropping by!  
Would love to hear of little projects you do in your yard!  

Love and Prayers,


Danielle Dunn said...

Boys did a good job ;) and hopefully the bees and bugs will stay.

Christine said...

OH!!!! I definitely want to do this!

Debby Ray said...

How cool! I love bees and ladybugs. Where do you buy the lady bugs, anyway?