Thursday 7 June 2018

Road Trip Across Canada: Maritimes and Newfoundland/Labrador

Canadian Road Trip: The Maritime Provinices

Hello! Welcome to the last leg of our journey across Canada.

For this portion we leaned about the far eastern provinces.  Each province had so much to offer and I'll just share a glimpse of it here.  
We loved how each province had it's own unique sign, and the lighthouse as you go to Nova Scotia was super cool!  

As we travelled through the provinces we noted many of the same plants and animals.
Smaller farms and many little towns along the coastal areas.  

We talked about the huge bridge that crosses the Northumberland Strait to connect Prince Edward Island to the mainland.  Although there is still no road way to connect Newfoundland with the mainland.  So you need to either fly or take a ferry there.  

We enjoyed reading many books on this part of Canada as well.  Lots about fishing and the coastal areas that they are famous for.  

There was so much history in this part of Canada, and lots and lots of museums to explore.  
One of the ones we talked about was the Green Gables museum that shared the history of the lady who wrote the famous books about a girl growing up in PEI.  
I shared about this wonderful miniature village that I had visited as a child that has been closed down.  There had been castles and other buildings from Europe that I got to see. 

I found this great colouring book about Newfoundland and Labrador. 
Then I found this sweet little book on Nova Scotia.  It has so many of the same underlying elements of the maritimes so we shared it with our homeschool group. 

Here are some of the pages.  
The world's highest tides, and fishing industry.

The incredible views in their national parks and vast empty spaces.
 (Yes there are still lots of those in these smaller provinces.)  
Mountains, forests, marshes, and beaches were so interesting.

The beautiful colourful houses and buildings to help guide the fishermen home.  Also to cheer the people during the long difficult winters.  There were fog horns and lighthouses to explore.
Plus there are so many very old buildings with lots of history stories to learn about.
We learned about the Acadians, the British, and the Norsemen/Vikings.  

Of course we couldn't not study food. :)  
My family isn't big on fish, or seafood so we decided to make a desert to share with our homeschool friends.  It was enjoyed by all! 
We chose Blueberry Buckle wild blueberries grow in an abundance in the maritime provinces...there are farms and just wild spaces with them.  We bought some Canadian wild blueberries at the store and my sons helped me put this together.  It's SO very good!!!  and easy to make.
We ate it all before I thought to take a picture...... so:
Here is the recipe! 

We wanted to make something to remember the maritmes by and as we looked through our pictures and books, the lobster cages struck us as most interesting.  

We took some stir sticks and boiled them until they were soft.  
Then we bend them and secured them in jars to make them dry bent. 
We made a bunch so that all the kids at the homeschool group could have some. 

We then took out our hot glue guns!  That's always fun. 
We glued the stir sticks and popsicle sticks together to make a cage. 
We had to remember to break one of the sticks to make a doorway. 

Then we needed some netting..we had lots of cheese cloth so that is what we used.  
We cut it into strips and glued it into the inside.  
The final touch being my son had a lobster of his own to stick in there.  

There was so many exciting places to visit on our road trip through the maritimes....from wild horses on Sable Island to learning about the song maps of the fisherman.  SO many great places to explore.

We hope you have enjoyed joining us for our road trip across Canada. 
Maybe this will wet your appetite for travel in this amazing country called Canada!
Good bye!  Au Revoir! 

Have a great day! 

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