Monday 13 March 2017

Pretty Jar Toppers and a Curtain

Hello!  Do you have some jars that don't have lids or that are just plain?  I was going through tidying up my towel drawer in my kitchen and came across these pretty cloth napkins.  Now my family doesn't use cloth napkins but I use them for this and that.  Mostly I use them to cover bread that is rising/ cooling.  These ones were in the bottom of the drawer and they immediately captured my attention!  You see I have some big jars that I use to hold grain, sugar, and some flour in.  I have them tucked in behind my toaster oven (we use it instead of a microwave) and i thought it would dress them up a bit.  I went digging for my elastic bands and found some that were the proper size to nicely stretch over the lid area.   Now I have pretty lids for all of my jars and it brightens up that little corner on my counter.

My husband put up a shelf on the other side of our counter for some extra storage.  I didn't much like looking directly at it when I was in the kitchen. So.....I had found a lovely lace curtain at the free store at the dump, and it fit perfectly in that space.  I went out with the kids for a short walk and cut down a couple little trees and they are sitting up on some of those non-marking hooks.  They're not very straight, but I think it adds to the charm.

Being lace it doesn't inhibit the flow of light between the areas, but does effort a bit more privacy.

Thanks for dropping by to see me!  It's so nice to be able to share some of the little joys in my life with you!

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God's Grace Overflows said...

Hello my friend!
I love the jar covers! What a great idea. And the curtain is just perfect. Anything we can do to make our homes lovely and functional is a must!
I've been cleaning and organizing and getting rid of lots. It feels so good. I'd like to buy some fake flowers and swap some of my old ones out for my kitchen. I might need to hit the dollar store soon. I was just telling a friend I need to bring in some new Spring decor. Maybe I'll work on that this week..
It's suppose to reach 80 degrees the remainder of the week...feels more like Summer than Spring! ;) Silly weather!

I hope you are well...
Thinking of you,