Wednesday, 14 September 2016

T-Shirt Quilt

Hello!  I have a quilt to share with you today.  It's made with re-purposed t-shirt material and a re-purposed flannel sheet.  My Mom brought some squares of old t-shirt material with her when she came to visit and we sewed them together.  Layered some polyester quilting batting and the flannel sheet (that was my Dad's) together and quilted them together in rows.  For the edging we took and cut a couple inch allowance around it and then folded the material over to the edge and then over again over the top of the quilt and sewed it in place.  A very simple and quick quilt....and with the material used, it's oh so soft and snuggly! I'm sure she'll enjoy using it!


I love how you can make quilts out of all sorts of things and enjoy having some of the material that may have sentimental value repurposed into something useful.

Thanks for dropping by!  Do share if you have done projects like this and let me know what you think!

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Esther Asbury said...

What a cozy quilt! So neat that it has sentimental value as well!

Danielle Dunn said...

It was a really nice quilt and Grandma really liked it. :) Did a good job. :) We have some more squares so we can maybe make a quilt of our own to go outside!