Monday 26 September 2016

Homemade Pickles

Hello!  I just wanted to share some pics of pickles that I made this year.  I have never made these kind of canned pickles and am so excited to have learned this skill.  These are bread and butter pickles and I used some of my own cucumbers, and some of the little mini ones from the grocery store.  Perhaps one day I'll have enough of my own to really make a good batch of them, but for now store bought does well enough.  

We packed them in really tight, but they still seemed to float?  They all sealed so I hope they are ok.  I did put a jar in the fridge that was only about half full and we opened them a couple days ago and wow, are they good!  They looked really wrinkled and I thought perhaps they were mushy, but no!  They were nice and crunchy. :)  Yum!  

I have always been kinda wary of making pickles, thinking that it was so hard, but they were easy and now I have a few jars in the panty to enjoy over the winter time.  So if you've been putting off trying because you thought they'd be a challenge,  give it a go! 

Do you like pickles?  If so, what is your favourite kind?

Thanks for dropping by!  

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God's Grace Overflows said...

We love pickles, but haven't made them in years. Yours look very pretty and what an accomplishment! A labor of love for all your hard work.
Enjoy your day and your pickles! ;)