Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The World Covered in Sunshine

 Hello Friends!  Today has been a world covered in sunshine and I am so very thankful!  To see the sun shining has cheered me and given me energy to help tackle the daily life.  Made some twisty bread instead of buns today.  No they're not pretty, but they were fluffy and delicious. :) 

My seedlings are starting to grow and more seeds are germinating also.  I'm sure the warmth of the sunshine is calling them out.  I don't have a grow light so they are in front of the window, all leaning toward the light.  I turn the trays regularly so that they don't grow too funny.  So nice to get a head start on the garden.
 I'll be planting more come April, but for now there is plenty to watch and keep tabs on.  I had some damping off going on with my chamomile and fennel so I sprayed some peroxide (watered down a bit) and that took care of that problem just fine. 

I was in my bedroom opening up the window and noticed how lovely it was to see the ground under the trees expanding.  Many times through the day the birds are down pecking around and then also helping themselves to our homemade feeder in the tree.   It's around freezing now and the air is so fresh.  Beautiful day!

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you are having a beautiful day to!
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Esther Asbury said...

The weather is turning warmer here as well! Love the beautiful spring sunshine and birds singing in the trees!
Your bread looks yummy!

JES said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful industry in the home with us! :)

Debbie said...

Your bread looks delicious!
I'm greeting spring with mixed emotions... we didn't have much of a winter :( and I do love my snow!!