Monday, 29 February 2016

Feelings of Spring

Hello!  As of late I've been having feelings of spring.  The weather has been very warm and above freezing many days.  It's led to open windows, organizing and long hours outside.    The Lord has greatly blessed and I am thankful for each new day!  Seeing the sunshine first thing in the morning definitely helps get me out of bed to care for my family easier.  I find myself humming more as I do my chores to, one of my favourite happy things. :)  Humming songs that I learned from hymns to little ones I've thought up on my own.  Those mixed with the sounds of birds, squirrels and dripping water from the eves makes for a delightful mood.   I love how the Lord Jesus pays such attention to detail.  Life is so full of wonderful simple things if we would only take the time to notice.

I finally got to organizing the yarn stash I have into the bottom of my hutch.  The top is all my acrylic yarns an then bottom left are stacked blankets that have been made, the bottom right is a bag of all my cotton yarn and behind it is a bag of wool blends.  It looks so pretty now.  Before it was just a collection of a ton of little bags of yarn as I collected them over many months from here and there.  The container on the ground in front of the cupboard is full of the little round bits and pieces that are still useful for somthing. 

I have been blessed with finding this lovely striped towel and lovely cloth napkin. I have found that even though my family isn't ready to do the cloth napkin thing, I love having them around.  They are wonderful for covering rising/ cooling bread, for covering baskets of food and just to look lovely folded nicely in the drawer. :)

With the warmer weather I was inspired to pull out my gardening things and get some seeds started.  Actually it was a homeschool project done with all of my children.  We planted tomatoes (two varieties), basil, english thyme, parsley, lemon balm, spaghetti squash, pansies, fennel, & anise.  For now....there will be more to come.  Most of the seeds have germinated and are now a delight to check on.  I did have some damping off going on with my pansy seeds that have yet to sprout so I spritzed some chamomile tea over them.  If that doesn't help I'll be trying hydrogen peroxide....I've heard that works well to.  It'll be about three months until they can go outside, and then the windows of my home will be full of green plants! :)  Here in the Yukon it's important to start some things early so that they can be enjoyed before the summer is over. 

Do you start plants early?  What are your favorite plants to plant early for your garden? 

Thank you for dropping by my blog to see me!  Praying you have a blessed day!

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Danielle Dunn said...

Nummy food with pretty towels and lots of yarn to play with! XD and we'll hopefully get a big garden this year to!

*Vicki* said...

Hello my friend! I am with you on the feelings of Spring!! Looks like you are just having way too much fun!! I just made some homemade bread this last week, but with some cheese. :) I can't wait to get outdoors and plant some flowers and be in the sunshine! Stay well!! HUGS

Debbie said...

Looks like you're enjoying yourself! I need to get organizing my craft stuff.
My husband has the green thumb around here. He started peppers and lettuce.