Sunday 19 October 2014

I'm At It Again!

Hi Friends! I'm back at it again!  My crafty spot is finally functional again and I'm enjoying being able to create cards again.  My new space is the crafty spot for cards, sewing and mending, crocheting, and lots more crafty fun!  Here are a couple of cards that I've put together: the one above for my wonderful brother's birthday and the other for an old friend who's just had her first baby! Both for boys so I tried to keep them simple.

I used a My Mind's Eye card base and added from there.  I love those card bases to put together quick cards!

Well here is a pic of my new space that I share with all my kids now that it's in the middle of the entry/furnace/ bathroom/laundry and downstairs bedrooms. :)  So a great communal space!

So, do you like to share your crafty spot? or is it somewhere just for you?
Have a beautiful day! Thanks for dropping by!


*Vicki* said...

Hello Jennifer! So happy to see you crafting again! :) I think that tree is gorgeous!! And your baby card is very sweet!! Love the clothesline!

What an awesome crafty space!! I think it takes a bit to get set up in a new house! I am still not completely satisfied with my space and have more work to do, but at least it's a room on the main level in an extra "office/bedroom space" I am happy to be on the main floor as I used to have my stamp room in the basement at the other house. Both have their advantages and disadvantages...but I most definitely love my new space! :) Thanks for sharing my friend! Hugs & Smiles - *Vicki*
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Esther Asbury said...

I love the twine you used on the masculine card -- and your new crafty space is so inviting!

Danielle Dunn said...

Both are nice! I hope you like your little spot even if we pester you. :)

Cindy Coutts @ Cindy B Designs said...

Sigh. I love both of these cards. The tree card is simply beautiful, but I love the baby boy card since I'm a new grandmother to a baby boy. I love your new crafty space and thank you so much for sharing. I zoomed in on some pics and got slimness of your organization. I moved on July 2 and everything craft related is just an absolute disaster and mess. I looked 2-1/2 hours today for a die-cut. It was awful. God bless and take care!

Tracy said...

It's nice to see you getting crafty again Jennifer. Since I craft on the kitchen table my space is definitely communal. LOL The cards are wonderful. :-)

Debbie said...

These are both great masculine cards!!
I have a room for crafting but is stores lots of other stuff, so I really need to purge some!!