Monday 20 March 2023

Homemaking Mondays: A Touch of Green and a Butter Keeper


How does your spring grow?
It's been so warm here the last couple days that there is a 
symphony of dripping water 
that delights the ears.
The smell of spring is in the air!

Inside the seedlings are coming and the 
bright green enlists admiration
and frequent checks to make sure all is well.

I always plant more then I need.
For two reasons: 
One is that I love to plant seeds,
and the other is that Lord willing I will
be able to sell the extras to cover the price
of the seeds and soil I need to purchase
to get things going.

The tomatoes when they get their true leaves will be 
separated out and up potted into bigger containers
with real soil.  That happens soon.
Then I have lots of other lovely seedlings
that will be moved into other containers to give their 
roots lots of room to grow.
That will be a bit as they have to have their true leaves as well.
I find the tomatoes grow their true leaves faster then the herbs.

On the kitchen windowsill I have 
leeks and onions growing. 
This is my first year growing onions from seed
so we shall see how this adventure turns out.

With all the herbs starting I look forward to using
fresh herbs in my cooking again.
I think that if someone wants to just grow
a few little things for their kitchen
that herbs should be high on the list. 
They just make for delicious meals.

This week I've also been working on my newest knitting project.
It's called a Birch stitch and I really love it.
It's simple, just four repeating rows.
I find it relaxing and easy to leave off when I 
have other pressing needs to attend to.  
Then when I come back it's clear where to pick up from.

This weeks score at the free store
was this butter keeper!
I have seen them online and when I saw it on the shelf
I was absolutely delighted to see it in person.
So of course I brought it home to try.
I really love the colours of it as well. 

I tucked a bunch of butter up under the lid
which I had softened to room temp first so it would
stick to the container.
Then I added a bit of water to the bottom and put the lid on.
I am interested to see how much better this old fashioned 
method works in comparison to my other covered
butter dishes.
Do you have one of these? 
If so how do you find using it?

Fun new things for the kitchen.
Today I'll be preparing some leek/potato/bacon soup.
I'm going to be making more soups in the next little bit
before the real warmth comes 
and no one will be interested in soups.

Yesterday I checked on my greenhouse
and even though I got a lot more snow 
off the roof there is still a lot up there....melting.
I pushed the excess off the roof and will need to remember 
to continue doing that till it's all gone.  
I haven't set up the rain barrel
to catch the water yet.  It's buried under too much snow.
That will be something to do in a week or so.

How is your week looking?
What kind of homemaking are you up to?

Thanks for dropping by!

Love and Prayers,

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