Monday, 23 January 2023

Homemaking Mondays: What Have We Actually Accomplished


I hope you are having a cheerful day.
I would like to just share a bit of the little things
that have been happening this week. 
As with all of us
sometimes things just go along
in somewhat of a routine pattern and we find
that time goes by and we wonder 
what have we actually accomplished.
A few years ago I started to write in my planner 
what I wanted to accomplish but also
what I did actually get done that day.
Sometimes our to do lists get set aside for other
more pressing needs.
I used to get upset about not getting my lists done
but now I still see that I am still
filling my time with needful things.
Yes, even a nap every now and then is a needful thing.

This past week I was blessed to buy some more 
beeswax candles.
They are my favourite but I limit 
how many I buy due to the cost of them. 
I buy mine from a local greenhouse/garden centre.
They have a flower store there and also carry 
lots of wonderful gifts. 
They have this lovely line of soaps from Alberta
and it's nice to get one from time to time.

I was at the local yarn shop this week to purchase 
supplies for a crocheting class.
I of course found some lovely sock yarn that I got for me
and then they had these adorable sheets of stickers.
Not sure if the stickers will end up on a card
or on some other fun project.

Time spent outside with the boys this week
found us on the ski trails at our local community centre.
We've not been on them much yet but they are
groomed and easier to navigate then the skidoo trails.
Cross country skiing has quickly become one of my favourite
ways to navigate the forest trails.
It is like a full body workout but I like it because I can 
go further faster then walking.

Ham and split pea soup 
with onions and carrots that we dehydrated 
this past fall was on the menu today.
I love being able to shop the pantry
and come up with all sorts of meal ideas.
I have to say that I really love the flavour 
that the dehydrated carrots preserve.
I don't think I shall ever can carrots again. 
That may sound rash, but you do need to eat what you can.
It took a long time to eat through the carrots
I had canned before.

Well I've really gone on and on today.
Sorry not much for pictures. 
I hope you are enjoying your week.
Enjoying your homemaking efforts 
whether great or small.

Love and Prayers,

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Sunshine Country said...

I haven't been around commenting much lately..sorry! I still have been enjoying catching up on your posts even though I've been silent for some time. Just have had a lot going on. Your posts are always an enjoyment for me to read.

I had a question...I wondered if I could possibly contact you by email with some questions that I have? If you are comfortable with it, my email address is