Monday 20 June 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Summer is Bringing Blessings


Summer here has been quite lovely with some sunshine
and some rain to help things grow and 
avert the dangerous fire season. 
There are flowers bursting forth all over the landscape. 
The pollen has been easing some and we are breathing easier.

The new gutter on the greenhouse has been helping a lot
in keeping the greenhouse watered 
without too many trips to the lake. 

The greenhouse is really coming to life in the last week. 
There are some flowers on the squash. 
Plus the wild roses that I didn't cut down are starting to bloom. 
Then yesterday I picked our very first tomatoes! 
Oh did they taste amazing and I had a line up of kids to get one. 

We've been harvesting some of our first herbs as well 
and they are wonderful to add to our meals
or just snack on whilst out in the yard. 
Below the chives and parsley made it into a pork chop dish.

Along with the herbs by the front steps I have 
some lovely pansies that are blooming.  
I have to remind myself that it's still June and things take time.

Out in the forest God has created carpets of beautiful flowers.
Here close to the greenhouse we have 
beautiful lupin blooming.

The roses in the greenhouse greet us with their gentle scent
as we open the door in the morning.

This week we had a bit of excitement with one of the young squirrels. 
It had come up close to the feeder to look for seeds that had fallen. 
It can't make it into the feeder like it's mother. 
Our dog found it and chased it into this little birdhouse below.  
I noticed our dog Sophie sniffing around the house and thought
I should investigate.  
I peeked in to see the little squirrel staring back at me with huge eyes.
I picked up the house and moved it to the spot below close to the building 
it lives in with it's mother.  
Poor thing took about an hour to come out and run home. 
At first I thought perhaps it was injured but no...just terrified! 
I saw it out running about today so all is fine. 
Funny thing that I had pulled this birdhouse out of the shed and set 
it down by the house to remind myself to paint it. 
Never thinking that it would become a refuge for a little squirrel.
I put it back so if needs be it can be used again as a safe house. 

I have been baking some sourdough bread this week. 
I really like the recipe from Farmhouse on Boone. 
I slathered this loaf with butter as I'd let it get a bit too 
crispy in the oven. Yeah...I am easily distracted. 

Along with doing more prep for the market next week.  
I canned some banana jam and more relish. 
It is nice that the market is just every two weeks so it gives lots 
of time to prepare. 
Next I need to make some bumbleberry jam. 

I have also finished the baby blanket I was making. 
Just sewing in the ends and it's ready to go to it's new home.

My boys are done with their school lessons at this point. 
I have some summer projects in the planning but they are enjoying
a break from book work. 
Our riding on bikes and enjoying time in the woods.

I pray that your week is a blessed and productive one. 

Love and Prayers,


Sunshine Country said...

Your pansies are pretty! I had a funny thing happen with pansies this year; I started some from seed early in January, but forgot to mark them. I somehow mixed them up with some other flowers, and the tray that I 'thought' they were in was I was thinking none of them had survived. Imagine my surprise when I planted one of my unmarked trays, and a month or so later suddenly seen pansy blossoms opening! I had never grown them from seed before, so I didn't recognize them from their leaves.
Aw, I'm glad the little squirrel found refuge in your birdhouse! We had a birdhouse in a tree when we lived in Florida years ago, and one year we discovered a mama flying squirrel had a nest with little babies inside! I had never seen a flying squirrel before that. Always is so neat to see God's amazing creatures up close.

Margie said...

Happy First Week of Summer, Jennifer!

I'm partial to purple florals so I especially like the lupins.