Monday, 25 October 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Still Holding On


Fall is still holding on this year. 
The temps are just above freezing 
and surprisingly there is some lemon balm 
that is still alive and so I'm snitching more. 

My daughter has a horse and I went to visit.
I blew in his nose to say hello
and he asked for a kiss on his nose. 
Some disprove of this...but how can I resist 
such a sweet request.

Note to self...don't forget the greenhouse roof!
I got to where I had stopped checking on the greenhouse
after I'd cleaned it out. 
Then we got more rain and it pooled on the plastic 
creating some huge ice cubes when things froze again.
My husband and kids helped to get it off the roof
without the plastic getting damaged. 
A lady we know gave us some of her old eaves trough
and we brought it home.
Some will go on the greenhouse and some I was thinking 
might be interesting to grow strawberries in. 
Have any of you done this before?

I've started knitting more socks again.
Need to keep the toesies warm this winter.
I have socks that need darning as well...and need to get on that.
Sadly I'm more a person to create things then mend them.

The morning sunrise was so beautiful although pictures can never 
truly capture what the eye does. 

Praying you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,

1 comment:

Sister in the Mid-west said...

It is nice to see some of your week.
Your lemon balm looks good. My lemon balm has gotten big enough for me to snitch some clippings.
I feel the same way about mending. Making something new is just so much more exciting. :)
Eve troughs? Is that the Canadian term for what we in the US call gutters? I learn something new every day!