Monday 13 September 2021

Homemaking Mondays: And Now It's Fall


Summer was lovely....
and now it's fall. 
It's been so beautiful out even with the 
frequent rainy days. 
The colours are changing and the smells in the forest
have a new heavy scent as the leaves fall
and the berries ripen. 

My family has been enjoying some time with 
family visiting.
Also spending time with friends out at their cabin. 
This is a "road" we enjoyed 
navigating to get there. 
They gave me the chance to try kayaking 
for the very first time. 
As we paddled across the lake I thought of my 
friend Ingrid and how delighted she'd 
be that I finally gave it a try. 

We had a lovely bbq and ate out at our picnic table
even though it was quite cool. 
Of course the hot coals were perfect for 
roasting marshmallows. 

I'd made potato salad and it is still 
one of my favourite dishes for picnics. 

The colours have changed and the leaves are falling. 
I love the red/orange colours the scrub birch changes to.
It follows the shoreline around our little lake. 

We enjoyed some great canoeing in the evenings. 
The lake this one night was so calm and serene. 

I've also begun a new scarf for the winter. 
It is coming along nicely and will be welcome with the 
chill that is now in the air. 

The garden is about finished..just some kale hanging on. 
I've been slowly moving things to the compost pile. 
The freezer is bursting from the garden storage and it's a great feeling.

I hope your fall has been full of treasures as well. 

Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

Your toasted marshmallow made me think of the Toasted Marshmallow rooibos tea that DavidsTea released back in July as part of its Summer Nights collection.

mamasmercantile said...

The perfect time of year, Autumn is the time for a new scarf project and storing food for a taste of Summer.

Linda Shukri said...

I had to giggle when I saw the toasted marshmallows that were "well done." I like mine with a bit of charring! I miss the colder days of the north. Thanks for sharing your life's delights!

Sunshine Country said...

That is always a good feeling to have the freezer or pantry full of food preserved from the summer! I have an Etsy shop where I sell things that I crochet, so I rarely have time between orders to make things for myself...but that's so nice you're able to. I really should try to find the time to make myself a scarf sometime too. Having lived in the south for many years, but now in the north, I still have yet to buy or make a scarf for the winter months...I'm sure it would be used a lot!