Monday 17 May 2021

Homemaking Mondays: New Beginnings


Glad you have stopped by! 
It's springtime here in the Yukon
a time of new beginnings.
The crocus are blooming and the trees are starting to
show little buds. 
The starter plants in the house are about ready 
to go outside as soon as it warms up a bit more at night.

This year in our new place we are blessed to have this huge
greenhouse space. 
My children helped me get some new plastic put on 
the old frame and we cleaned out the roses an trees from the 
inside....although we have not dug out roots. 
We will be putting our plants out there in pots. 

It's nice and warm in there!  
Lots of condensation on the inside 
as we work on getting some more ventilation put in.

We did get some snow this past week and it turned to slush quickly. 
The plastic  held just fine although we did need to help 
push some of the puddles off the one corner. 
I have no way of heating the greenhouse at the moment 
so I'm waiting until it's not freezing at night. 
I have frost blankets...but tomatoes and cukes don't like the cold 
and I don't want to chance them.

This week I found some chow mein noodles at the store.
They don't always have them. 
I also found oyster sauce so decided to make some 
chicken chow mein with my son.
We put in chopped onions, garlic, diced carrots and celery. 
Sautéed it up with some olive oil. 
Then added a bit of oyster sauce and soya sauce. 
Mixed in diced chicken and then the noodles. 
I used the onion greens from our sprouting onions.
I also wanted to ask how many of you like to use
the little mini graders? 
It is one of my little kitchen treasures. 
I think it works perfect for garlic, nutmeg and other odd things.

The home seems to be in transition now.
Setting out plans for homeschooling for this coming year as per 
our required paperwork with our Territory.
I am only planning for two this year as my 
second daughter is graduating this year.
Another new beginning for her. 
A couple of my children have had the first canoe paddle 
of the season on our little lake and today I saw
a kayaker out. It's cold, but the ice has finally gone.

This week some friends of ours place has flooded unexpectedly. 
Our daughter has been over helping a lot. 
(she works there and has her horse there)
There are lots of people and crews working to save the house. 
The horses were evacuated. 
We have been blessed to help some with feeding all those 
who are working there. 
It is an extension of homemaking that we homemakers 
are blessed to share in. 
Just heard a trench was dug and that water is starting to 
be diverted away from the homestead. 
Hope it continues to flow away.

Praying you have a beautiful week! 
Love and Prayers,


Sister in the Mid-west said...

Sounds like a busy week there. :)
I also use a grater to mince garlic cloves! The grater I use is not a box grater, though. It is just one plane with I handle. My garlic press broke a while ago and I have found the grater to do a fine job. :)

Linda Shukri said...

I LOVE your greenhouse! So neat that you have outdoor space for one.

I have the typical box grater that I only use one side of it to grate cheese. I have a microplane (it's long, like a knife) that I use to zest lemons, garlic, and such things. Does a 100% better job than the regular grater with the tiny grates because you lose so much zest with that side of the grater. Most of the zest gets stuck. Really annoying! Just thought I'd throw that tip in! :-)