Monday, 22 March 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Friends Share Life's Journey


Isn't that a beautiful truth. 
I thank the Lord Jesus for all the friends 
He has placed in my life. 
In person and online.
The above hand towel is a gift from a friend 
as are the two banneton baskets. 
She and I share a love for making things in the kitchen.
It's so beautiful when we can 
acknowledge those simple things.
A loaf of bread...a cup of tea.
It may seem simple but over the years
those little things are precious. 

Along with the banneton baskets....
this time I used my grain mill to grind some rice flour.
It is better to use in the baskets instead of just a towel.  
The flour is not glutenous and so it doesn't 
allow the bread to stick the same. 
Of course you have to wet the basket down before adding
the rice flour to it.  
It looks so pretty when you turn it out to be baked. 
I like it better then using a towel in them.

I was wanting some comfort food this past week.
I pulled out my recipe binder and made some
apple crisp...along with whipped cream.
Today I made some blueberry buckle as well.

The little seedlings are doing well. 
Below the cosmos are getting their feathery leaves.

I potted up the tomatoes from their little
peat starter pots. 
I always take off the netting before planting in the soil.
They are doing well and if the Lord wills
we shall have lots of tomatoes growing.

It has been a lovely week.  
Lots to do, but also lots of time to enjoy 
the company of family and friends.

Thank you for dropping by!
Love and Prayers,


mamasmercantile said...

You are a little ahead of me, I have only just started my seedlings. Loved the handstitched towel, so pretty and meaningful.

Sunshine Country said...

I had never heard of a Banneton basket, so I looked up a little about them, and found it interesting. I got a little ahead of the game and started most of my seedlings back in January, so they have needed transplanted into larger pots already. I plan to sell some of them at a nearby Farmer's Market. I'll see how that goes!

Linda Shukri said...

I enjoy reading about your homemaking chores and projects! :-)

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Those bread baskets look really neat! You will have to show us one of your loaves of bread. :)
My boys and I made some Apple Crisp last week, too.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

What a lovely gift from your friend, she knows you well! I don't have a Banneton basket, and I love to bake sourdough, perhaps I need to invest in one! Your seedlings are doing amazing! It is such an exciting time of year to see new life begin again, and to look forward to enjoying the fruit of our labors! Your apple crisp and blueberry buckle sound quite delicious, indeed such wonderful comfort foods! Many blessings to you and your family :)