Monday 7 December 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Adventure is Calling and I Must Go

Do you need some adventure in your life? 
I know many who feel they have to go and do grand things.
But what if there were adventures close to home
that you might miss while
looking out there?
This week my kids and I made a snowshoe trail around our place.
It meanders through the trees.
There was a lot of fun and laughter 
as we trudged through the snow. 

My boys and I went this week to our local community centre
no far from home.
We went skiing on the trails there
and went places we'd not been before.  
It was only three km we trekked 
but we discovered new hills to go down and
struggle up. hehehe 
We learned to glide better and turn corners. 
All of this through falling snow and wind. 
A little adventure close to home.

Trudging for hours in the wilderness 
is not necessary for adventure.

Now would I love to climb a mountain or 
raft a raging river?
If one day if the opportunity arose I would. 
I try not to get caught up in what is 
"out there"
for then I might just miss what is right here. 
In a world where we don't often know our neighbours,
or the alleyways between streets.
There are lots of places around us in cities, towns, or countryside.
Adventure can even be found in meeting someone new...
perhaps just saying hello to someone we pass by.

This week has had more adventure in the kitchen. 
I love baking buns in my skillets.  
The cast iron cooks so nicely and 
the bun never stick. 
I also tweaked my recipe awhile back
and now enjoy the fluffier texture. 
Also just the simple act of adding something interesting
like flax seeds or herbs to the bread
makes for a new flavour to savour.  
I like to add new things to the food I serve and then 
ask my family..."so what do you think?".
They answer with "what have you done this time?".
Adventure can be anywhere....
even in mom's cooking. :) 

This week our local Skills Canada office
was giving out cookie decorating kits to encourage children
to learn a bakery skills.
A local bakery made the gingerbread cookies and then the 
children used some of the wonderful 
decorating elements to create colourful tasty treats.
Perhaps one of my children might become a baker?

This week I also made some peanut butter balls.
They come by many names but they are all good. 
For mine I just take a bunch of peanut butter,
then I add "some" softened butter
"some" icing sugar (until it makes a fairly stiff mix)
Then I add in Rice Krispies. 
I roll them into balls and chill. 
then I melt chocolate chips with a dollop of coconut oil.
I dip the balls in the chocolate and then drizzle the 
leftover chocolate over top.  
Then chill again. 
So yummy and easy!

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes.  
Let us not limit adventure to something out there.
There is much to explore and enjoy 
close to home. 

To me homemaking is an adventure.
It is a gift the Lord Jesus has given me.
Those who think homemaking is boring just need to 
find adventure in the little things
close to home.
It's there if you just look.

Thanks for dropping by! 
Love and Prayers,


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Linda Shukri said...

I LOVE your post. I LOVE your homemaking adventures and your outdoor ones. :-) Since my husband and I are in a new part of the US (South Carolina) for the past 2.5 years - northerners living in the south :-), we occasionally go for drives. We live in a tiny town and we only have to drive a half-mile or so and we're in the countryside. It's so nice to drive and see farms and cute homes and sprawling lawns and relax while taking in the country sights. Thanks for your weekly posts!