Monday, 11 May 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Pretty Sheets and a Picnic

I hope you are having a lovely day!  

I have some pretty new sheets in the wash that my children blessed me with. 
I love the delicate flowers and muted tones. 
I'm wearing the new shirt that is pictured above the sheets. 
My card my daughter made me is sitting on my desk. 
My children are wonderful and are always so sweet to me. 

Sometimes as a mother you can get discouraged or bogged down in 
caring for your family and home. 
Just remember that there are seasons and that each time has it's place.
The struggles and the joy! 

This past week we made some yummy moose jerky in our oven.
It was much faster then in the dehydrator. 
It is all gone...but we shall do this again.
This is one part of homemaking that I really enjoy.
Making special treats on occasion just because.

This week I was home with just a couple of my children. 
We decided to go for our first picnic of the season. 
My son bbq'd up some hot dogs and we wrapped them up to take with us. 
We had found this picnic spot last year and it was very nice. 

We really enjoy being out in the bush and enjoying nature. 
We saw some bear diggings (not too recent, but from this spring). 
As we were walking we saw a hawk fly off 
and then spotted a grouse in the underbrush
frozen, hiding from the hawk.  
We got a quick picture and then went off so that we didn't scare him out of hiding. 
We also found some cranberries that were so very juicy! 
Soon they'll fall off the plants and grow new flowers. 

There are lots of lovely trails to meander on and 
as the season warms there will be coming a lot more new growth.
We are just starting to see the sweet crocus's sprouting.

The birds are coming back.
It's delightful to watch all the different kinds of ducks and shorebirds
that are occupying the water and shore by the house.  
The wood frogs have started to croak out their songs
and it's quite the orchestra with all the bird sounds mixed in.

Our landlady is selling our home and she came with a photographer this week 
to take the necessary pictures for the ad.  
We did some more cleaning then the regular weekly ones we usually do. 
We hid away some things so that it looked better. 
Sometimes there are just things that need to sit out but aren't as "picture perfect". 
It encouraged me to wash some of the light fixtures that often get forgotten. 
I'm a bit shorter and I don't notice some the top of the fridge. 
Do you have that issue?
Those details needed attending to, and take some consideration. 

All the plants that I've been starting in my window are getting so big. 
Yesterday we started the process of hardening off the smaller plants. 
Most are destined for the community market, but we are keeping a few.  
Today more seeds are going into pots for our moveable garden. 
No matter where you live it's good to grow just a few things...even if it's just herbs.
I have been told herbs are a waste of time...but really I have found that 
no matter how "plain" the food is you're making, herbs really make it more palatable. 
If only I could grow a cinnamon tree...I love that spice! 

Praying you have a wonderful day! 
And I also wanted to make a note about comments....I really do appreciate 
all the effort you make to say hello!
It really cheers me to hear from you! 

Love and Prayers,


Sunshine Country said...

The gifts from your children were so thoughtful!

I enjoyed reading about your picnic and walk through the woods. My sister and I, along with her children, all had our first spring picnic recently also. We spread a blanket out in the grassy field behind their house, and just enjoyed being out in the warmth and sunshine. We also got out for a walk on the farmyard recently - the wind was a bit brisk and cool that day, but we still enjoued spending the time looking for rocks to paint later. I found a unique rock that appeared to be an Indian rock that someone had drilled a hole through to use as a necklace bead.

We are quite behind in getting our seeds started here, but have finally. Some of them are just coming up now. The kids had so much fun planting them!

Margie said...

Glad you were spoiled on Mother's Day!

Will you have to move if your landlady sells your home? It seems like you just moved, but I've lost all concept of time since the pandemic!

mamasmercantile said...

I am a great fan of growing herbs, they add a little colour and another dimension to home cooking.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello!! I really loved the print on those new sheets (kids have great taste) Enjoyed hearing about your first picnic of the season. May there be many more! Sounds like you may have to move? I did get our small greenhouse planted mostly I still have a few more things to plant. It has been very cool this Spring, and we so need some rain! May you all have a wonderful week! Hugs, Roxy

Linda Shukri said...

Love the items you received for Mother's Day!

So I guess you'll be moving soon? And your gardening is just getting underway? Do you know what will happen and where you'll go? :-(