Monday, 22 April 2019

Homemaking Mondays: Fun in the Kitchen

Quiet me on the blog in the past while. 
I have been busy in the home though. 

We've been working a lot on our homeschool lessons, 
with taking out items for the kids portfolio binders.   
It's kinda fun to look back on the happenings of the year. 

We've been cooking and baking quite a bit.
 Since I got my new cookbook from the Prairie Homestead, 
my children have been wanting to be in the kitchen more. 

Today I made some homemade tortilla wraps for supper. 
It's so simple and delicious.  
Below is a copy of the recipe a dear friend of mine 
shared with me.

One of the best parts of this flat bread is that you
can add anything to it and it's great! 

Tonight was re fried beans, cheese, and mixed greens.

My children in the kitchen.  (Three of them)

OH, if you are looking for a great new cookbook,
I do recommend Jill's Prairie Homestead Cookbook. 
There are some very delicious recipes in there. 
This is my copy, and when it arrived I had to share right off. 
I sat on my bed with my children all around me leafing through 
each page. :)  
I don't have a lot of cookbooks, but I can see how this one will earn a place on my shelf. 

I hope you all have a beautiful day...
and perhaps some enjoyable time in your kitchens. 

Love and Prayers,

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