Thursday 4 January 2018

Pretty Blue Things

Hello!  Today I'd love to share with you some pretty blue things that I've made as of late. 

I have been working for a long time on the quilt above for the master bedroom.  I finally finished, and it's keeping us cozy and warm!  

I saved material from my husband's shirts, pretty fabric that I found at the free stores, a bit of material I had from the first curtains I made for my first home with my husband. Then I cut all the squares to the same size (I thought postage stamp size would be fun, but opted for a larger size).  Then with all the squares I had, it was still a bit shy of the size I needed so I added a light blue border all around.  Then I used a darker blue sheet for the underneath, and some of the same blue sheet to make the seam binding for around the edging.  Oh, and I bought a 100% cotton quilting batting for this quilt.  I don't usually splurge, but I know it'll last for years.  

OH, and I just sewed lines on each side of the seams along the one direction to "quilt" it.  
Below is the material I used for my first curtains I made.  I loved lace even then. 

The quilt is complimented by the blue gingham curtains, and the blue/white appliqué quilt of a mountain/forest scene.  I think the blue really comes out with the darker wooden logs of the walls.  

Then in a previous post, I shared a hat that I'd is me wearing it.  I don't usually share pictures of me, but here I am.
Then I also made a triangle scarf out of a blue variegated yarn.  
It's so nice to have some fresh new warmies to begin the new year. 

Below you can see better the colours.  
It's very simple, and very warm!  

Here you can see the different blues on the hat and scarf...but they still are ok worn together.  

Praying you have a lovely day, with perhaps a touch of blue in it. 

Sharing with Raising Homemakers.


Danielle Dunn said...

The quilt looks great in your guys's room and I love your new hat + scarf! :)

Margie said...

Your post has got me singing the blues! Your handmade quilt looks beautiful and the hat and scarf look like a perfect match to me!

God's Grace Overflows said...

Oh my...I LOVE all the blues, they are so very pretty!! That quilt is beautiful Jennifer! What a treasure!
Your hat and scarf...go so well with your eyes! I hate taking pictures of myself, but you my friend are beautiful!!

I hope you are having a great January. So sorry I haven't been by. I'm not really sure where the days are going. But they are flying! ;)

Thinking of you...
Hugs, Amy

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, love the quilt... Blue is so warm and beautiful! You are so pretty, lovely blue eyes💙 may you have a wonderful new year!