Monday, 16 June 2014

A Happy Father's Day

Hello! Today I have a card to share with you that my daughter made for Fathers' Day from all the kids. I love how she arranged it and the colours she chose.
She's sharing this with Word Art Wednesday this week!

Dad got a wonderful peanut butter chocolate pie for a treat and then homemade chicken fettuchini for supper.

I also made something for Father's Day for my husband.  Something that displays pics of the kids.  They are all attached by magnets to the screen so they move and can be changed out as the kids get older, or whatever.
I had found this great older chair that was broken so I just sawed off the back.  I sanded it down a bit and then decided to try my own crackle paint.  So easy, you just put on regular white glue and then paint on some craft paint before the other dries and then as it dries together, the paint cracks and you end up with this great effect.  I wanted big cracks so I used my fingers to paint with. :) After that I put a coat of modge podge to seal it all.  Then I stapled on some screen to the back and added some little eyelet screws to the bottom section and tied some twine between them I attached the pictures and the centre flower to a magnet, then put them against the screen with another magnet behind ( the screen wasn't enough metal to hold them).  Then I added the happy father's day words with small clothespins.  Very simple, but he liked it. Made me happy!

This first pic is a bit clearer, but the one below shows the colour a bit better.


Unknown said...

Your daughter made such a magnificent card, so creative; especially the color combo and layout. Thank her for sharing it with us at Word Art Wednesday.
Blessings, Carole Robb Bisson
At first glance I thought the chocolate on the pie was glue on the back of cardstock. I couldn't figure out how the card turned out so beautifully. ( all in about 6 seconds)

Unknown said...

that pie was bad Dad won't share any more!

Tracy said...

Boy you girls really did it up for Father's Day. Danielle's card is fabulous, the pie looks yummy and your picture project is so cool. Love all those paint cracks. Hugs!